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Toddler Golf Clubs Built With Love

With 9 years of experience in crafting premium toddler golf clubs, our mission is to ensure that every child can experience the fun, excitement, and benefits of playing golf from an early age.

Our Products

We offer a wide range of toddler golf clubs, each thoughtfully crafted to support your child’s golfing journey. From beginner sets to advanced options, we have something for every little golfer. Our clubs come in vibrant colors and playful designs that kids will love. Check out our best seller!

Franklin Sports Kids Golf Set

Introducing the Franklin Sports Kids Golf Set, designed to make learning golf fun and accessible!

This youth adjustable plastic golf club set includes an adjustable putter (20″-30″), driver (25″-35″), and iron (25″-30″), all featuring the innovative ADJUST-A-SPORT technology for a custom fit.

The set also comes with a convenient travel bag, two foam golf balls, and three tees, making it easy to store and transport.

With ergonomic hand grips to teach proper hand positioning and a lightweight design, this set is perfect for helping toddlers and juniors.

Golf clubs

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We use high-quality, durable plastic for our clubs, ensuring they are safe, lightweight, and sturdy. The grips are made from soft, ergonomic materials to help young children hold the clubs correctly.

Our clubs feature ADJUST-A-SPORT technology, which allows for easy twist-and-lock length adjustments. Simply twist the club to unlock, adjust it to the desired length, and twist it back to lock in place.

Our toddler golf clubs are designed for children aged 2 to 6 years old. They are lightweight and sized appropriately for small hands to ensure a comfortable and fun playing experience.

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