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Five Best Collars For The French Bulldog Breed

If you already brought a Frenchie puppy home, then you are probably thinking about items you need to own as a first-time dog owner. Besides over needed French bulldog clothes (because of their tendency to hypothermia), there are also other items such as toys, beds, and cosmetics. However, one of the first things every Frenchie owner should buy is definitely a high-quality dog collar. Dog collars serve to provide your pooch with all the necessary information in case of loss. The fashion comes to second place.  You can put on your Frenchie’s collar your phone number, your dog’s name and his other features such as if he’s deaf or he suffers from diabetes.

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What Is The Best Care For Your French Bulldog Paws?

It’s a fact that Frenchies are also prone to suffering from certain health issues if they were improperly bred. However, no matter how good genes your batpig carries, his paws always require special care. That’s why we want to inform French bulldog owners and bully breed owners in general, about their dogs’ paw care requirements.

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What Are the Best Separation Anxiety French Bulldog Toys?

How many times you’ve been worried about leaving your Frenchie home alone? Frenchies are NOT the kind of creatures that enjoy living alone, they constantly thrive for attention and like spending time with people. In other words, French Bulldogs need to be involved in their pack. In this case, you’re the only pack leader of your dog.

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