Women Sleep Better Next to Their Dogs- Here is why!

For dog owners, there’s definitely not a better feeling than sharing a bed with their lovely pooch. We are sure they all love to curl up and chill all day with their four-legged friends. However, have you heard for the statement that women sleep better next to dogs that next to their human partners?

No matter how silly it sounds, believe us, it’s true! According to the researches that collected data from 962 adult women living in the USA, 31% share their beds with cats, 55% with dogs, and 57 % with their partners. The results have shown that women don’t get a quality sleeping next to their cats. Since cats like to pretty much spend their time wandering through the house at night, cat owners spend the greater part of the night in listening to what their pets are doing.  And, we don’t even need to mention the time and sounding of ‘lovely and romantic February’.

What about humans and dogs?

When we talk about dogs and human partners, studies have shown that dogs bring more security to women while sleeping. It’s because they tend to protect their owners every time they ‘smell’ the danger in the air. Another cute fact is that women like to snuggle and unlike cat owners, dog owners go to bed earlier and wake up earlier as well. Therefore, it’s another win when we talk about resting.

In case you are still not sure whether to choose a dog for a pet, the following fact will definitely blow your mind.

It’s true that cats sleep a lot, however, dogs do have better timing. It means that our lovely four-legged friends know when is the time for sleeping, eating, going for a walk, and your daily routine. On the other hand, when a cat already had enough sleep during a day, there’s no force that will make it sleep peacefully during the night.

What makes French bulldogs good sleeping partners?

If you ask every Frenchie owner if their batpig is good sleeping partner, we bet most of them will say –yes. On the other hand, there only one thing that will make you think twice about owning this wonderful breed. Since French bulldogs have brachycephalic skulls, they snore! Sometimes, this feature can actually be pretty mitigatory in case both a Frenchie mom and little gremlin snore. They two will definitely produce a ‘lovely sounding symphony’.

Let’s talk about good things as well. Since Frenchies easily adapt to any kind of environment and routines, you can be pretty sure he’ll actually like the idea of sleeping next to you. Frenchies very easily learn the routines of their owners, so this can be one extenuating circumstance.

For the end, we must be honest! There’s no better feet warmer during cozy nights than your furry friend. Sometimes, we simply need an extra layer to keep us warm. All in all, the conclusion is that from now on, males definitely need to find their beds in dog houses.