Why You Shouldn’t Get a French Bulldog?

So far, you probably heard many opposite talkings about French bulldogs. They have been said to be unhealthy and that will make you spend thousands of dollars on their medications and treatments. That’s why we want to introduce you to the facts about ‘why you shouldn’t get a French bulldog’. 

Cuddly companion for life

French bulldogs are known as one of the best companion dog breeds in the world. They always thrive for attention and are willing to clown around just to make you happy and entertained. Since they don’t like staying home alone, you should think about how to occupy your Frenchie’s attention while you’re out. Toys could be one of the options, as well as bringing another dog into a family. That’s how your pup will have a company for spending a playful time.

Frenchie is the dog who would rather spend time with its owner by following him/her around then doing some ’doggy business’. Therefore, If you want a cuddly companion for life, then this little gremlin is the right choice for you. Isn’t it a cute reason why you shouldn’t get a French bulldog?

why you shouldn't get a french bulldog

They’re ’the quietest dogs in the world’

Thanks to their brachycephalic skulls and elongated soft palates, Frenchies produce the craziest and weirdest sounds you could ever imagine. They snore, snort, whine and produce funny noises that will make you ’sleep like a baby’. And of course, we can’t forget about putting a ’cherry on top of the cake’. Since Frenchies fart so badly, you can expect that your living place will smell ‘gorgeous’ all the time. As long as you have a Frenchie by your side, you can forget about buying air fresheners.

Forget about having a ’rest beside your Frenchie’

This breed belongs to the greatest sleepers in the World. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy sleeping and lying all day long with a Frenchie by your side. They don’t require much exercise so that’s why they’re considered for the best dogs for apartment living conditions.

French bulldogs ’don’t act friendly toward kids’

This is a totally false statement! French bulldogs and kids make one of the best dream teams you could ever imagine. Frenchies adore children and act friendly and protective toward them. They can make a solid relationship especially when they grow up together from an early age. By teaching them both how to behave with each other, there’s no way that you can expect your Frenchie to show aggression.

Frenchies and cats? Is it a good idea?

French bulldogs act friendly not only to other dogs but also to cats. They easily fit any kind of environment and will show a friendly attitude as long as someone treats them with respect. So, in case you are thinking to bring a cat into your family and you already own a Frenchie, my advice is to make sure your pooch has been properly socialized.

why you shouldn't get a french bulldog

Are you still not convinced ‘why you shouldn’t get a French bulldog’?

 Isn’t it great to live with a Frenchie? This gorgeous breed attracts everyone’s attention and is quite easy to train. Frenchies are smart and can quickly learn tricks if you provide them with a good motivation. Usually, it could be some tasty snacks or toys. French bulldogs are easygoing and extremely loyal, so when it comes to the part of living with them, you can expect to get plenty of affection.