Why Women are Better Frenchie Parents than Men

Isn’t it great to own a French bulldog? They are so affectionate, loyal and unique! They make everyone turns their heads wherever they appear. Since this gorgeous breed equally finds its place both in men and women owners, we decided to clear out what makes women better Frenchie parents than men.
We hope that the men side won’t get mad!

Women have the 6th sense

It might sound like a cliché but women act like real mothers to their Frenchies. In other words, they take care of dogs as they would act with their children. So, if a Frenchie shows unusual behavior, you can be pretty sure that his human mom will notice it on time! Whether we talk about a dog’s sadness and anxiety or finding some strange-looking spots on the skin, a mom is going to discover everything!

Frenchie moms are gentle

Women Frenchie parents act more gentle than men. They are capable to spend hours and hours sitting on the couch with their Frenchies like they are hugging a Teddy-Bear! Luckily, Frenchies like attention so it doesn’t present a problem to them at all.

Frenchie moms have a sense for fashion

If you see a Frenchie dressed like a top model going down the street, you can be sure he/she lives with a Frenchie mom. A mom will buy the craziest and the cutest outfits for her pooch and will even find matching clothes for her and her furry gremlin.

Women Frenchie parents are better chefs

A Frenchie’s wish is her command! Women Frenchie parent will always prepare high-quality meals for her batpig because she knows how important it is. Whether her pooch wants to eat meat, raw or cooked, she’ll know how to prepare it!

Women care about Frenchie essentials

Since there are no women who don’t like buying makeup and perfumes, we bet there will be no Frenchie that will smell bad! Frenchie moms give an advantage to buying natural cosmetics for their Frenchies that will not cause any allergy!

For the end, we’ve prepared a totally crazy fact!

According to a recent study by researchers at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York, women tend to sleep better next to dogs than they do next to members of their own species. 

Sorry men, but from now on, you can find your beds in your dog’s house!