Why Does My French Bulldog Have Hiccups?

It might look funny to see your Frenchie having hiccups. However,  have you ever wondered why does it occur? The question ‘Why does my French bulldog have hiccups‘ might be one of the most common topics dog owners would like to be revealed. Despite being considered for harmless occurrences, hiccups are something that can be really nerve-wracking if they happen daily.

french bulldog hiccups

Why do French bulldog hiccups occur?

Hiccups happen when the diaphragm rises and causes the dog to inhale the air when the windpipe is closing. Since it’s an irregural type of breathing, it causes the hiccups. There are a couple of reasons for French bulldog hiccups. 

The first one presents a dog’s fast eating or drinking. In other words, Frenchies choke because of their brachycephalic skulls. They can’t properly reach the food from the bowl, so they eat both the air and the food. Fast eating and drinking in is most cases the biggest reason for this occurrence… 

Another reason for hiccuping in Frenchie can present their intense playing, running or jumping. It occurs more often in younger puppies because they possess higher energy levels.

french bulldog hiccups

Despite the fact these little pooches don’t need a lot of exercises, they enjoy playing fetch, running and jumping. Of course, all these activities should be done in normal limits, otherwise, it may lead to a dog’s overtiredness. Hiccups can also be one of the results because of their flat noses and elongated soft palates. 

The third reason for French bulldog hiccups occurrence may present the overheating or hypothermia. Both of these conditions can be followed by fast breathing that leads to irritation of diaphragm. 

frenchie hiccups


How to stop your French bulldog’s hiccups?


Try rhythmic exercise

To help your pooch dealing with hiccups, I advise you to calm your pet by doing a steady and rhythmic exercise. Unlike exercises where he jumps and runs, the tummy rub and lying on the back can stop this annoying occurrence.

Decrease your dog’s portions

Make sure that your Frenchie is not overeating and cut his daily amount of food into smaller portions. In that way, you won’t overload his belly and will improve his digestion. This tip can also help in dealing with French bulldog’s farts and flatulence.


Avoid grain-rich food

Dog food rich in grains often causes Frenchies to hiccup. It causes not only flatulence but also pains in French bulldogs’ digestive systems.

Choose anti-choke feeding bowls

In case your Frenchie is a greedy eater and simply can’t eat slowly then I suggest you buy an anti-choke feeding bowl. Since it usually consists of a rotating part in the middle, they’ll prolong your dog’s meal and make him eat slowly. 


Elevated dog water and feeding bowls can also help because this breed has short and thick necks. Imagine how unpleasant it would be for a Frenchie to constantly keep his head down while eating.

 Elevated bowls serve not only to prevent them from choking but also to remove the pressure from their front legs and spine. They are also a good choice for senior Frenchies who suffer from arthritis and painful joints.


Massage your dog’s chest

By providing your little gremlin with a pleasant massage, you’ll not only help his diaphragm to get back to normal, but you’ll also help in relaxing his chest muscles.