Why Does My French Bulldog Eat Grass?

You might become concerned if you noticed that your French bulldog eats grass. In the end, dogs are not herbivores and that’s how it should stay. However, if your Frenchie repeats such behavior daily, here are the facts to take into account.

french bulldog eat grass

Why does your Frenchie eat grass?

There is no doubt that you as a dog owner want only the best for your pooch. You provide him with a well-balanced diet and take care of his health. However, you might be worried if you notice that your Frenchie is eating grass. The questions you ask yourself in those moments are probably ‘Is he sick or hungry?’ and ‘Will grass hurt his stomach?’.

Well, the answers could be both yes and no, and here is why. The term that describes a dog’s disorder of eating things that are not food is called Pica. On one hand, Pica behavior might happen when a canine suffers from nutritional deficiency. But in most cases, eating grass is triggered by a dog’s boredom and curiosity. A dog can simply become attracted by the smell and start eating grass.

Luckily, Frenchies (and other dogs in general) prefer eating grass and not other plants. Therefore, dog owners don’t have to worry about their dogs’ eating something poisonous.

Frenchie’s eating grass is quite common and it occurs in more than 60% of dogs. The first reason why would your French bulldog eat grass is because he’s feeling bored. He just wants to find out the taste of that beautifully-smelled plant and discover what would happen if he eats it. In that case, you should consider giving your Frenchie much exercise and engage him with some activities. For example, dog toys can much help in keeping a dog occupied.

The following French bulldog smart slow feeder toy serves to improve your dog’s intelligence. As your batpig solves the puzzle, the boxes with food will open.

Another reason can be your French bulldog’s anxiety. Unfortunately, anxiety is very common in this breed. It occurs when a dog hasn’t been taught to spend time home alone, so he becomes stressed about the fact of being home alone.

The third reason for a Frenchie’s eating grass is his upset stomach. In other words, a dog eats grass to make himself to vomit and release the issue. The grass stems tickle the dog’s gizzard and cause the vomiting.

If your Frenchie’s vomiting occurs daily, my advice is to take your pup to see a vet. The blood and feces tests will show if there is an issue going on. the chemistry panel assesses the pancreas and liver functioning that are responsible for the GI. 

Is grass-eating dangerous for French bulldogs?

Speaking generally, eating grass is not a dangerous condition. However, by taking into account the French bulldog’s tendency to allergies, my advice is not to allow your pet to do that. French bulldogs may show allergies to seasonal pollen and other environmental allergens. They can start sneezing, become itchy and develop bumps and blister caused by the allergen.

If there are pesticides or herbicides in the grass, it could be another caution to keep in mind. The only grass you could allow your Frenchie to eat can be the grass from your yard.