Why Do Frenchies Eat Fast? Can They Choke?

When we talk about dogs in general, most of us would agree that the food is something they like the most. In other words, it’s sort of love at first sight. In case you are a Frenchie owner, then you probably don’t know how to deal with your dog’s fast eating, right? Sometimes it seems like your French bulldog is going to choke which is also one of the reasons for having stomach pains and flatulence.

In order to help all French bulldog owners to prevent their pooches from inhaling the food, I decided to represent you with the best anti-choke solution.

Why do French bulldogs tend to eat so fast?

First of all, don’t blame your dog’s character for his fast eating.  The French bulldog’s body structure can also be one of the culprits for experiencing stomach flatulence and pains. Since Frenchies have flat faces, they seem unable to properly take food from the bowl.  Their short necks also require a special elevated feeding bowl that will decrease the pains and the pressure in their joints.

These are only some of the reasons why this gorgeous breed tends to eat fast and seems like it’s going to choke any minute. The faster your Frenchie eats, the less he chews. Unfortunately, it may lead not only to issues with digestion but also with learning to chew properly. Remember that your furry friend needs to develop a proper chewing habit in order to have healthy teeth and jaw as well.

french bulldog eat fast

When your batpig race through his food, he also takes a large amount of air. As you can conclude, it results in releasing gasses that are certainly not pleasant to smell.

How does the food affect your dog’s stomach flatulence?

Since French bulldog breed is prone to suffer from different food allergies, I recommend you to switch on the BARF diet for French bulldogs. Many dog owners are not aware of the fact that commercial and cheap dry kibble food can cause gasses and allergies in their Frenchies. It’s because food producers usually use corn, soy and different by-products for making cheap dog food. 

By feeding your furry friend with a raw diet, you’ll be the only one who will control the vitamins and ingredients your dog takes. 

french bulldog eats fast

The solution for your French bulldog’s fast eating

For preventing your Frenchie from experiencing a number of issues such as burping, stomach aches, farting, and bloating, I suggest you check out the following French bulldog anti-choke feeding bowl. It consists of the rotating bone that is put in the middle of the bowl and that makes your Frenchie work for his food. As he touches the bone with his snout, the bone will rotate and prevent him from fast eating.

This bowl will surely increase the time of your dog’s meal. Another thing to mention is that French bulldogs should not eat from deep feeding bowls. Shallow bowls are more suitable for these furry gremlins because they won’t be able to take big mouthfuls of food. The Frenchie World Anti Choke system is created not only to slow down your dog’s meals but also to improve his intelligence. The anti-choke feeding bowl has a separated inner bowl that can be washed on high temperatures. The base has anti-slip rubber and anti-slipping pads for making your dog’s meal more convenient.

A final note is that you should not train your pooch right after he had his meal. Imagine that you need to go running after having a plentiful lunch. It’s certainly something you’ll not like to do! Every dog needs to have at least 30 minutes rest after having a meal.






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