Why Are My French Bulldog’s Ears Down? What To Do?

French bulldog ears attract a lot of attention. Proudly standing wide-opened on the top of their heads, these tiny body parts make them look gorgeous and unique. If you’ve just brought your Frenchie puppy home, then you probably want to know why your dog’s ears are still down?

Why are my Frenchie’s ears down? Revealed

Before you start panicking, it’s important to mention that all Frenchies have flopped ears when they are born. As they grow, their ears should gradually become erect and there is no exact time when they should get a final ‘shape’. Usually, French bulldog’s ears should get a final bat look between 5-15 months of age.

Most dog owners become concerned about the occurrence when one ear is floppy and another one is erect. However, this is another common feature that tells us that our dogs have a variable calcium level in their bodies.

Frequent change of the appearance of the ears is the sign that your Frenchie puppy is going through the teething stage. And, according to different studies, there is a connection between the teething phase and floppy French bulldog’s ears. Namely, during the early age and teething period, the dog’s body uses the calcium for teeth growth. Due to its low or unstable level, your pooch will probably have flopped ears until the amount of calcium comes to an optimal level.

How to fix French bulldog’s flopped ears? 

If your French bulldog’s ears didn’t become erect until the 5th month of age,you should talk to your vet to show you how to tape your dog’s ears. Note that each dog is different, so some Frenchies can get a final ear shape at the 10th week, while others can wait for it until the 25th week. Just like in humans, the growing process happens in different time for everyone.

Since Frenchie’s ears are big and heavy, the ear cartilage needs time to become fully developed and strong. Taping the ears can be one of the solutions to help them stand up. Before the process, you should clean the ears by using the following Ear solution. This Pet ear powder will remove all debris and make hair easier to grip.

 Use masking tape and gently tape the ears by leaving 1,5 inches wide between them. Set the dog’s ears in a straight position and leave them taped for approximately 3-4 days. When removing the tape, you should perform it gently by paying attention not the cut, or scratch the gristle.

Your vet can also prescribe your dog a calcium injection if the taping didn’t work. Our advice is not to include the calcium supplement into your dog’s diet until you consult with your vet. Instead of using supplements, you can try by giving your dog to eat crushed eggshells with his regular diet. Eggshells represent a great source of natural calcium that can’t harm your pet.

Aside from the previously mentioned tips, you should never panic and patiently wait for your dog’s ears to stand up. It will happen sometime when you least expect it. In the meanwhile, keep your dog’s ears always clean, and check them for stuck plants and debris.