What To Do If Your Frenchie’s Nail is Bleeding?

For some dogs, nail trimming can be their worst life experience especially if it’s done by an inexperienced person. On the other hand, leaving your French bulldog’s nails untrimmed can lead to severe pains and even nail tearing and bleeding. In case of such unplanned situations, you have to know what to do to help your dog recover.

How often to trim your French bulldog’s nails?

When we talk about the frequency of nail trimming, many dog owners think there is a general rule for all dogs. However, every dog is different.

You’ll know when the right time for trimming your Frenchie’s nails is when you hear them knocking onto the floor. Your dog’s nails should not make noise while walking and should not look curled and narrow. In case you leave them untrimmed, there is a possibility of ingrowing and painful bleeding. Nail cracking can also be one of the issues, especially in the place of a blood nerve called ‘quick’.

What equipment to use for trimming your Frenchie’s nails?

Instead of using a classic type of nail trimmer, we recommend you use an electric nail trimmer with a file. That’s the best way to avoid injuries. A dog’s quick is an important part of its nails. Damage to the quick and tearing of nails is extremely painful and can even affect your furry friend’s mobility.

If both you and your pet are making drama about this care routine, we recommend you have a look at the following Professional Nail Grooming Tool for French bulldogs. It makes a super quiet noise and features a diamond wheel head.  Another great feature is that it comes with a USB charger so you can forget about buying batteries.

Dog Electric Rotating Nail Trimmer is another pick that can ease the nail grooming routine.  It comes with three replacement rollers and a slip-free handle. Your dog will love it because it’s very quiet and painless.

How to stop the bleeding of your Frenchie’s nails?

If your dog injured his nail or you cut his nail too much- don’t panic. Even if your Frenchie yelps, your should stay calm because our pets absorb and recognize our emotions. Soothe your furry friend if needed and hold on to his paw to prevent bleeding all over the house.  To prevent such unplanned messes, we recommend you always prepare a towel that you’ll place under your French bulldog’s paw.

The quickest and the best way to stop the bleeding of your Frenchie’s nails is to use styptic powder. You can find it at any pet supply store. Pour the powder on your finger and then press the bleeding nail. Add more styptic powder until the bleeding stops and apply pressure for a few seconds.

Putting sticks with styptic powder or silver nitrate sticks on the end of the nail will also help. So, we recommend you to always have these products in the house.

In case you don’t have them, you can still use some household products that will work as first aid.

  • Cornstarch: Mix the cornstarch with baking soda and dip your French bulldog’s nail in it. Wait up to 1 minute and check if the bleeding has stopped.
  • Bar soap: Yes, you read it well. You can use simple bar soap to stop the bleeding of your dog’s quick. Press the nail onto the bar soap and hold his/her paw onto it until the bleeding stops. The soap will work as a lid.
  • Ice cubes: although ice cubes may be the least helpful, they can slow bleeding and narrow blood vessels. The best way to use an ice cube on your Frenchie’s nail is to wrap it in sterile gauze and then place it on the nail.

What to do after the bleeding of the Frenchie’s nail has stopped?

Ok, we know that you went through a stressful situation and it will probably not be the last one. Once the bleeding has stopped, you should show your pet affection and gently massage his paw pads. Reward your furry friend with snacks, and remind him that he doesn’t have to panic when you handle his paw.

Even if you haven’t finished the nail trimming of your furry friend, you should gradually try to complete the process by rewarding your pet after every nail trimmed. Your main goal should be to overwrite the bad experience of having a nail clipped too short. Nail trimming is an important part of your furry friend’s care routine, so you shouldn’t give up.

If your furry friend can’t walk normally because of the injured quick, then you should prevent him from walking for a few hours. Running and jumping are not allowed because they can disturb the fragile blood clot. To prevent your dog from infection, it will be best to wrap the paw for a day or two until the quick gets back to normal.


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