What Size Do French Bulldogs Wear?

 Choosing the right-fitting clothes for French bulldogs might sound challenging, mainly because of their uniquely-shaped bodies. Besides they are famous for their bat ears, these lovely pooches have thick and short necks, muscle-built bodies and are short in size. Since ‘what size do French bulldogs wear’ is one of the most common questions I hear from my clients, I’m sure that these tips will help you.

How to determine what size do French bulldogs wear?

Frenchies belong to a category of small dogs, and they usually weight between 18-28 pounds. French bulldog females should weigh 18-26 pounds, while males weigh 20-28 pounds. When we talk about their necks, these little gremlins’ neck circumference ranges around 33-37 cm. To take the right measures when you’re buying clothes for your Frenchie, I recommend you to add a few centimeters to the real size of its necks.

For French bulldogs, it’s especially important to take the correct measurements because of their shortened noses. When something is gripping their necks, they may experience severe issues with breathing. It’s also important to pay attention when you’re choosing a collar. Collars are not recommended to use on small puppies that haven’t been taught to walk on leashes obediently. To prevent these furry batpigs from pulling and developing neck and spine injuries, I advise you to use a French bulldog harness.

Another essential thing to consider when choosing French bulldog clothes is to measure the length of their back. Determining the extent of your dog’s back is one of the crucial things to keep in mind. Otherwise, your pet’s going to potty will look like a real nightmare for you. French bulldog’s back length may vary, depending on the type of a Frenchie you own.

Whether it’s a Mini French bulldog or a regular one, following the chart given bellow each product is highly essential. Luckily, the Frenchie World online store is specialized for the French bulldog breed. All of our products have been tried and created to fit their unique bodies.

Note that not every small dog breed can fit into every piece of clothes that is small in size. When we choose or sew clothes for French bulldogs, we need to take their chest measures too.  To get the correct size, measure around your dog’s widest/ deepest part of the chest. It’s usually right before the front legs.

What else to keep in mind when buying French bulldog clothes?

We can’t deny that many dog owners consider that buying dog clothes is money wasting. However, clothes can really save the life of a French bulldog. Not only they are prone to hypothermia during winter, but they can quickly get a heat stroke in the summer. Therefore, every Frenchie owner needs to provide his/her with the appropriate dog wear according to the time of the year.

Buying summer-cooling items

Some of the most essential items to protect a French bulldog in hot weather present a self-cooling shirt or a collar and a self-cooling bed that is filled with a sort of a gel. You can check the list of the items your pooch will need during summer here.

On the other hand, these little gremlins can’t sustain being outside in cold weather for an extended period. Trembling, shaking, leg lifting and heavy breathing can be only one of the symptoms you should pay attention to when taking a Frenchie outside in winter.

Buying French bulldog jackets

Besides you need to dress your Frenchie into a thick and waterproof jacket, keeping their paws dry and moist is highly important. Note that road salt can make severe blisters and injuries, so wearing dog booties is another thing to consider.