What Should French Bulldogs Never Do? Cautions For Parents

Owning a Frenchie will bring out the best from you. They’re cheerful, loyal, affectionate and among the most popular farting artists in the world. On the other hand, dog ownership definitely brings a dose of responsibility. From the moment you bring a Frenchie puppy home, you became the only one responsible for its health. That’s why it’s important to know what should French bulldogs never do.

  • Frenchies should not spend time in stuffy and smoky rooms

Due to their sensitive respiratory systems, Frenchies should not spend time in smoky rooms. Some pooches can even be allergic to cigarette smoke. The symptoms of respiratory allergic reaction are short and noisy breathing (almost a hissing sound), bloodshot eyes, pawing the eyes, and sneezing.

  • They should not spend time in the sun

Again, Frenchies take the lead when we talk about the disability to regulate body temperature. They’re certainly one of the cutest dogs in the world thanks to their smushed muzzles which cause them many health problems.

Although warm days sound like a perfect adventure call to many of you, Frenchie owners should think twice before they decide to take them outside in the summer. Spending a lot of time in the sun or leaving a dog in a car in hot weather can lead to heatstroke. Heatstroke in French bulldogs can easily occur if your dog is exposed to direct sun rays and left without water.

Therefore, this is definitely one of the things Frenchies should never do.

  • They should not eat human food leftovers

Your dog probably looks like he’s been starving for days every time you have a meal. Note that your Frenchie will do anything just to get a bite of your tasty meal, but you should never allow him to seduce you with those ‘sad puppy eyes’.

Eating human food leftovers is a big no-no for Frenchies. Our food is not only too salty but also rich in forbidden ingredients. Artificial colors, flavors, and tastes can cause itchiness in your Frenchie and lead to gastrointestinal problems. Instead of giving your dog a bite of pizza, always give preference to fresh fruits and vegetables. They are both healthy and contain less calories.

  • Do not bath your dog with a human and baby shampoos

Another thing that your Frenchie should never try is bathing with a human or baby shampoo. Dogs have different pH of the skin, so they require using only dog-approved cosmetics.

Our suggestion is to try SOS Natural French bulldog shampoo. It’s hypoallergenic, soap-free, paraben-free, and alcohol-free. This shampoo contains Aloe Vera to soothe irritated skin and eliminate odor. Plus, it comes in six different varieties depending on your pup’s needs – Smooth and Moisture, Fluffy type of coat, Treating skin diseases etc. So whether your Frenchie is suffering from dry skin, itchiness or allergies, we’ve got you covered!

  • French bulldogs should not sleep outside

French bulldogs are not that type of dogs! They should never sleep outside because they are prone to hypothermia and overheating. These pooches will be a perfect pick for humans living in apartments and small houses. They don’t need much physical activity and taking them on walks twice a day will be enough to satisfy their needs.

French bulldogs should never be left outside to sleep not only because of their health but also because they’re often the target of thieves. These little gremlins are expensive and act friendly even toward strangers. Therefore, it’s not surprising why they’re so popular among thieves.

  • French bulldogs should not walk bare paw and without clothes in the winter

This is definitely one of the things French bulldogs should never do! When taking your frog dog outside in the winter, make sure you protect his paws with waterproof dog boots and dress him/her into appropriate clothing. French bulldog jackets made of windproof and waterproof fabrics are ‘must have’ pieces of clothing in every Frenchie’s closet!

Our suggestion is to have a look at the following Waterproof French Bulldog Parka. It’s easy to dress, waterproof, windproof, features a turtle faux fur collar, and reflective stripes for better safety.

  • French bulldogs should never spend plenty of time alone

Spending plenty of time alone is one of the most traumatic experiences for your dog. Since these furry gremlins belong to companion dog breeds, they’re learned to work beside their owners. So, if you work 8 hours a day, and want to hang out with friends after work, then a Frenchie will not be a good pick for your lifestyle. French bulldogs who spend time alone will be on a higher risk to suffer from separation anxiety.

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