What Fruits Can French Bulldogs Eat? The Ultimate List of Safe Ingredients

As the weather warms up, we can all enjoy juicy and tasty fruits we can share with our Frenchies. However, have you ever wondered what fruits are completely safe for your pup? Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and apples are only some of the fruits that French bulldogs can eat. Read on, prepare your favorite fruit salad bowl, and share fruit snacks with your furry gremlin.

Why is important to feed your French bulldog with fruits?

Although most fruits are safe for your Frenchie, you should keep in mind that feeding a dog with lots of fruits can lead to diabetes. And, that’s not all! Your Frenchie can also gain weight because those juicy ingredients are rich in sugar.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some fruits can cause runny stools. So, if your French bulldog suffers from constipation, feeding him/her with fruits will be a great decision.

Fruits represent a great source of vitamins, minerals, and all those things that can only leave benefits to your dog’s body. By including fresh fruits into your French bulldog’s diet, you’ll improve your dog’s immunity and make him/her less susceptible to hair loss and different conditions.

What fruits can French bulldogs eat and in what amounts?

Can French bulldogs eat apples?

Apples are one of the best fruits to feed your Frenchie. You can give your dog two or three slices of apples a day, just make sure you remove the peel and seeds. I often give my dog apples, but I always choose the sour ones. It’s because they’re lower in sugar, and my dog really loves their taste. The peel of apples is often treated with pesticides, so it’s better to remove it before consuming it.

The great thing about apples for dogs is how they can be so healthy and delicious. Apples contain vitamin C, A (which helps maintain skin health), potassium as well as antioxidants which keep those immune system cells working strong! The fiber from the peels really does help with digestion too- plus it tastes fantastically mixed into treats or eaten straight outta hand; not to mention its chock full of flavor your pup will love eating every bite no matter what kind he likes: sweet versus sour?!

Apples are the perfect low-calorie treat for any dog needing to lose or maintain its weight. Unlike human foods that could harm your Frenchie in other ways, apples don’t contain anything harmful.

Can French bulldogs eat strawberries?

The best time to feed your dog strawberries is in the summer, when they’re at their sweetest. Fruits and vegetables are usually more available during warmer months because people want them on hand for snacking or casual meals outside; this means you can give your dog some delicious fruits too!

Serving strawberries to your French bulldog can be risky business. The best way is by washing them thoroughly and cutting up the fruit so that it’s easier for him or her (or both!) chew on. Frozen strawberries make an excellent summer treat when they’re fully thawed before serving–but don’t forget about those safety tips either: keep watch over how much food your Frenchie needs per day; offer him/her plenty of fresh water especially during summer months to prevent heatstroke. 

Giving your dog strawberries can help him stay healthy in more ways than one, including slowing down the aging process and whitening his teeth! Just like with any other fruit, this one should also be included in small amounts.

Can French bulldogs eat blueberries?

Absolutely, yes. French bulldogs can eat blueberries because they represent a high source of antioxidants. They improve the French bulldog’s coat and also strengthen his//her immunity. These tiny fruits also prevent cell damage, and as a bonus, they reduce the effect of brain aging.

The great thing about blueberries is that you can feed your pooch with fresh and frozen ones. Since they’re small in size, you don’t have to cut them. However, always pay attention to your pet while eating them because they can cause choking.

Can French bulldogs eat bananas?

While bananas are safe for adult dogs, they’re not such a good pick for puppies. Bananas are difficult to digest, so it’s advisable to start slowly. The Frenchie’s digestive system has to adjust to this ingredient, and you can use it as a perfect summer treat. We also need to mention that bananas are high in sugar, so it’s allowed to give them to your dog only once or twice a week. Bananas contain potassium, vitamin B, vitamin C, and fiber, and are a good source of magnesium.

Can French bulldogs eat watermelon?

Watermelon is another great fruit you can use for rewarding your Frenchie. It contains high amount of water, so it can serve as perfect summer refreshment. Watermelon will also help your Frenchie stay safe from overheating, especially if you’ve just come back from a summer stroll. Serve it cool, without peel and seeds and your little gremlin will enjoy every bite. It’s safe to give your dog approximately 100 g of watermelon cut into cubes (make sure you remove seeds and peel) twice a week.

Can French bulldogs eat peaches?

You can share your fresh, juicy peaches with your Frenchie, however, make sure you include them in small amounts. Peaches are safe, but the only thing to consider is whether they’ll create an uncomfortable experience in your Frenchie. They can cause diarrhea, so it’s advisable not to use them as rewards too often.

Can French bulldogs eat pears?

Similar to peaches, pears should not be included in your French bulldog’s diet too often. Otherwise, they can upset his stomach and cause diarrhea. Even though this type of diarrhea in your French bulldog will be temporary, you need to know that untreated runny stool can lead to dehydration. A slice of pear that will be without peel and seeds will be enough to ‘satisfy’ your Frenchie’s ‘begging for food’. To prevent choking, you can cut a pear into small pieces.

What are the best natural treats for French bulldogs?

Choosing fruit treats over commercial ones is definitely a better choice. However, they should not be included too often. For example, some veggies will be a better solution for your pooch, especially because they don’t contain so much sugar. Vegetables such as cucumber, celery sticks, and melon can also find their place on your dog’s menu.

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