What Do You Need To Know About French Bulldog Wheezing?

Frenchies are famous for their ability to produce hilarious sounds such as snoring, gagging, mouth breathing, snorting, and wheezing. However, sometimes, they can also point out underlying issues with breathing that require immediate treatment. French bulldog wheezing can be caused by different conditions or by a blocked element that obstructs normal airflow in the dog’s nostrils. The blockage can also occur in the dog’s windpipe or large bronchi.

French bulldog wheezing- Why it can go so serious?

Not only narrow nostrils but also other conditions can cause your dog to wheeze. Asthma, allergies, bacterial infections, and foreign bodies can all result in the scary sound of French bulldog wheezing. If your dog behaves strangely, he searches to find the right position to lay down or seems afraid, then you have to react quickly especially if this condition lasts more than a few minutes. In other cases, when the wheezing lasts for a few seconds, it may resolve on its own, and a vet visit is non-necessary.

french bulldog wheezing

What are the causes of a French bulldog wheezing?

Food or environmental allergy in French bulldogs

Unfortunately, seasonal allergies can cause problems with breathing in your Frenchie. Pollen of grass and trees can cause your Frenchie to sneeze, get runny nose, eyes, and even develop asthma. Other triggers include mold, dust, mites, cigarette smoke, perfumes, and even laundry detergent.

On the other hand, food allergies don’t often cause problems with breathing, but in some cases, a dog’s breathing can be affected by food rich in artificial flavors.

Heart disease can also be the cause of French bulldog wheezing

Dogs who deal with breathing issues often have underlying heart diseases. The wheezing occurs due to fluid build-up in the lungs especially when dogs get older.

Narrow nostrils in French bulldogs

Every dog should have nostrils that will be wide enough to allow undisturbed breathing. Unfortunately, brachycephalic dogs are at a higher risk of being born with narrow nostrils that don’t allow them to inhale enough air. If your Frenchie has extremely small nostrils and seems to struggle for air every time he runs, climbs the stairs, or doing any type of activity, then he/she will probably need nostril surgery. Stenotic nares surgery price varies between 300 $ – 1.200$ (depending on the type of severity).

Pay attention to your Frenchie’s weight

Obesity in French bulldogs can lead to rapid fatigue, fast breathing, and wheezing. Considering that Frenchies have flat skulls, they’re already at risk to suffer from breathing issues. Therefore, extra kilos will only burden the dog’s heart, lungs, and joints. A Frenchie should have visible muscle definition and a powerful appearance. In case your pooch gets tired quickly, can’t scratch the ear, and doesn’t have clearly defined hips, then you have to put him/her on a low-calorie diet.

French bulldog wheezing related to infectious disease

Frenchies (and dogs in general) can carry parasites that live in the lungs and airways. Unfortunately, they can cause secondary conditions due to irritation of the respiratory tissues. Heartworms, nasal mites, bacterial and viral infections can also cause wheezing in your pooch.

Foreign body stuck in a French bulldog’s nose

The foreign body requires immediate reaction, especially in young puppies. Since it leads to a lack of oxygen, a dog with a stuck plant, pebble, sand, or some other element will start to panic and wheeze. In most cases, it requires the intervention of a professional, so we recommend you to take your dog to a vet in your vicinity.

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