What Are 10 Most Important Rules When Feeding a French Bulldog?

Frenchies are playful, smart and gentle dogs with the most iconic appearances in the world. It’s simply impossible not to catch everyone’s wherever they ‘paw in’. On the other hand, there’s also one more cute fact they are famous for- all French bulldogs belong to greedy eaters! The food presents their main motivational tool. It ‘moves’ their handsome bodies and brilliant minds like spinach gives the strength to Popeye.

That’s why you, as a proud owner of this loud-sniffing dog, need to discover what could be the most common mistakes you can make in their diet.

1. Do not feed your pooch with unhealthy snacks

I know that it might be challenging to avoid giving snacks to your Frenchie because we are all familiar with their adorable eyes desperately begging for food. When picking snacks for your batpig, don’t forget there are much healthier options too. For example, you can reward him with fruit snacks that are full of vitamins and fibers.

2. Avoid overfeeding with snacks

It’s extremely important not to break your dog’s feeding schedule with treats. That’s why I suggest you divide a certain amount of food from one of your dog’s meals for rewarding.

3. Do not disturb your Frenchie while eating

Every dog will enjoy eating alone. The time of having lunch presents their greatest pleasure. Therefore, don’t put your noses into their bowls until they finish. Imagine the opposite situation when someone’s interrupting your time for eating.

Note that in your French bulldog’s head there’s only one thing going through his mind. He thinks that you’re a potential threat to his meal. So, you that’s why you shouldn’t become surprised if your little batpig start acting aggressively. 

4. Do not feed your French bulldog with your own meal

I strongly suggest you not to do this, otherwise, you’ll get a spoiled dog that will allow you neither your guests eating in peace. If you don’t mind to feed your pet while eating, remember that there are people who don’t like it.

5. Your dog needs to have his own feeding bowl

Since your dog is considered for your family member, he deserves to own his special feeding and water bowl. Do not let your doggie eat from your hand or from the ground. By allowing him to eat from the ground, you’ll teach him to eat other dangerous things in the park or yard. In other words, you’re making trouble by yourself. On the other hand, when you teach your batpig to eat from your hand, he’ll start refusing to eat in another way. So, it can become an issue especially when you’re not at home.

6. Always determine the amount of food he’s allowed to eat

The optimal amount of food for your French bulldog depends on his age, activity level and health. Therefore, I advise you not to provide him with needless calories that his body will convert to fat. Otherwise, you’ll only get your pooch into issues with breathing and obesity. I recommend you to read the following guide and to observe your dog’s activity level and age.

7. Do not reward your French bulldog for everything

It would not be a good idea to reward a Frenchie every time he performs a certain trick and shows obedience. That’s how he’ll connect such behavior with food. Note that there’s a slim line between your dog’s obesity and rewarding.

8. Forget about feeding late in the evening

As a French bulldog breeder, I recommend you to feed your pooch 3 times a day. It’s a much better option to have multiple smaller meals than one or two big ones. French bulldog breed is not like other breeds. It’s more prone to suffer from stomach flatulence. It happens because they eat fast or some type of food doesn’t fit their bellies.

For preventing your Frenchie not to eat fast and literally inhale food, I suggest you buy him a special feeding bowl. The bowl needs to ‘control’ the amount of food a dog takes per one nibble. When you feed your furry friend late in the evening, you’ll only make him ask you going to potty in the middle of the night. Try to schedule his meals at 7 am, at noon, and 7 pm.

9. Always give an advantage to a raw food diet over the commercial

I always recommend to all Frenchie owners to choose the raw food diet (BARF) over the commercial dog food brands. It’s true that it takes some extra time for preparing, however, you can freeze it in smaller bags and feed your Frenchie with them daily. 

10. Do not let your Frenchie drink water right after a meal

Well, it’s true that French bulldogs need water more than anything. It’s because of their tendency to overheat. However, I suggest you not to let him drink water right after eating. It will make him stomach pains. Remember the heavy feeling in your belly when you drink a glass of water after having lunch? It’s certainly not a good idea.

 What food to choose for a French bulldog? Conclusion

Feeding a French bulldog needs to look quite different from other dog breeds. Since those furry little gremlins often experience stomach flatulence and gasses, the food that will best fit their bellies is a grain-free diet. 

French bulldog breed is also known for its sensitive skin. That’s why their diet needs to be free of by-products, excessive fat, corn, eggs, and wheat. In other words, you should avoid all potential allergens.