Traveling With Your French Bulldog

Traveling with your French bulldog doesn’t need to present you a difficult process because trips should bring a lot of joy to everyone, even for your pooch. Before you start packing over-needed items, I suggest you take a look at the following list.  As a proud owner of this gorgeous breed, I am sure you want to vacay in style!

travelling with french bulldog

Are you flying with your Frenchie?

In case you want to fly with your French bulldog, the good thing is that those furry batpigs can fit in most of the dog carriers. However, before you decide to take your Frenchie to board the plane, it’s extremely important to get a heath certificate from your vet.

In case you didn’t know, brachycephalic breeds are not allowed to travel in cargo (the bottom of the plane) for health reasons. You can travel with your Frenchie in the cabin by putting him in a French bulldog carrier. Here you can find a wide assortment of French bulldog carriers.

The following one is the best choices when traveling by plane. It’s transparent and has wide holes for ventilation. 

What essentials to pack when traveling with your French bulldog?

1. Portable dog water bottle

Wherever you go, you should not forget on bringing a bottle of water for your Frenchie. Hydration is a must, however, I don’t advise owners to allow their dogs to drink plenty of water. A dog may throw up if drinks water right before the trip. So, keep the hydration in normal ranges, 50 ml every 2 hours.

The following bottle comes in a wide assortment of colors and easily transforms in a practical water bowl.

 2. Dog travel blanket

If you are traveling during the night, then your furry gremlin will need a cozy and warm blanket. The blanket not only serves to provide your pooch with warmth but also to remind him or her of the smell of home. Note that dogs can go through a great deal of stress while traveling, so this could be one of the solutions. 

3.Self-cooling pad

We all know that Frenchies don’t do well in high temperatures. So, in case you’ve chosen a warm destination for spending your vacation, then you need a self-cooling pad for your furry friend. To escape heatstroke in your Frenchie, I suggest you check the following item.

4. Frenchie waterproof seat cover

In case you are traveling by car, your Frenchie will need a safe place to spend time while you’re driving. The following seat cover is made of waterproof material and side flaps protect your car door from any scratch and keep your dog from falling. The cover is incredibly easy to clean! This one of a kind dog seat cover can be easily cleaned with only a cloth, a vacuum or even a watering hose!

5. Frenchie World Harness

Don’t forget to take a harness and a leash. Those are the 2 most important things every dog owner should have. The following harness is one of the best selling on Frenchie World and is made of soft material that will not cause any irritations in your pooch. 

 6. French bulldog backpack carrier

When owning a Frenchie, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to walk with your furry friend for hours. French bulldogs easily get tired because of their short nostrils. So, to keep your little gremlin out of trouble, I recommend you to buy a French bulldog backpack carrier.

7. Travel feeding bowl

How can you go traveling with your Frenchie without taking a travel feeding bowl? Well, in this case, I talk about 2 in 1 item that has 2 separate cases for food and water for your furry friend.

8. Bring your Frenchie’s favorite toy

It’s true that this gorgeous batpigs easily adapt to a different kind of environment, however, it’s good to bring his/her favorite toy to a trip. In that way, your Frenchie will feel more relaxed because he/she’ll be able to spend time with something that reminds of his/her home. The following plush pig toy will definitely become your dog’s best partner in crime on your vacation.