Top 9 Items To Keep Your Frenchie Cool and Safe In The Summer

We’ve just stepped into the warmest season of the year! For most of us, we can’t wait to go swimming, relax on the beach, and enjoy listening to the sound of waves. However, high temperatures and sunny days don’t go hand in hand with French bulldogs. That’s why we made a list of the top 9 summer essentials that will help you keep your little gremlin cool and safe in the summer.

Why is it important to keep your Frenchie cool in the summer?

As a French bulldog owner, you have to know that these batpigs should not spend plenty of time outside during the summer. Like any other brachycephalic dog breed, Frenchies are incapable to regulate their body temperature without the help of cooling items. Since they have short airways, Frenchies can’t cool off the air they inhale. Besides, they have short legs, so their bellies are very close to the hot asphalt during strolls.

By protecting your Frenchie with our cooling items, you’ll save them from heat stroke and developing sun burns on their sensitive paw pads.

What are the best items to keep your French bulldog cool in the summer?

French Bulldog Sprinkler Swimming Pool

Want to refresh your little gremlin this summer season? This dog pool with an integrated sprinkler will do it in the best and safest way. The shallow collapsible dog pool will make your furry friend both entertained and cool in hot weather. It’s easy to install and you can use it with and without a sprinkler. A sprinkler mode will trigger your pet’s attention and make him busy while you spend time in the yard. It comes in three sizes, and it’s made of PU.

French Bulldog Summer Cooling Vest

To help your Frenchie deal with summer hotness, we recommend you use the following dog cooling vest. It’s made of breathable mesh and features cotton storage that keeps the vest cool for a long time. You should soak the vest in the water, twist it and then dress your furry friend. As your dog spends time in the sun, the vest will protect his skin from UV rays and also make him relaxed and cool.

French Bulldog Icy Summer Pad

Nothing sounds better than chilling and relaxing on a pleasant and shady spot on a hot summer day. With one of these summer pads, your Frenchie will enjoy summer more than ever! The cooling pad is made of a cold-in-touch surface, it’s filled with cotton and it’s easy to carry around. Therefore, you can place it wherever you want.

 Protective Summer Cooling Frenchie Vest

This practical dog cooling vest can serve as an ideal protective and cooling layer when spending time outside. The vest features a Velcro closure, it’s breathable, lightweight and your dog should wear it wet. The vest provides an immediate cooling effect, protects the dog’s skin from UV rays and helps in keeping his body temperature within normal limits.

French Bulldog Beach Sandals

Let your furry friend wear the trendiest footwear this summer season. These beach sandals will protect your French bulldog’s paws from hot sand and asphalt and we bet he/she will be in the center of attention wherever appears. The sandals are inspired by famous human footwear and they’re ideal for showing around in the summer.

Sun & Waves French Bulldog Life Jacket

Since swimming is an inevitable part of the summer, we can’t forget to mention a French bulldog life jacket. The following pick is made of high-buoyancy floating panels, it’s available in a bright and attractive color, and comes with a practical handle on your dog’s back. You can adjust the belly circumference with the adjustable straps, and a metal D-leash is put to ease strolls by the sea.

French Bulldog Ice Cream Summer Mat

How can we imagine a summer without ice creams? Well, even though your Frenchie can’t eat sweets, he can still enjoy the cooling effect of this Ice Cream summer mat. Available in two colors and made of waterproof and heat-resistant fabric, it will become your pet’s favorite place for chilling.

This Ice Cream pad should be placed out of direct sunlight to get the best effect. Since it’s waterproof, it’s enough to clean it with wet wipes or a wet cloth when it gets dirty. 


Icy French Bulldog Cooling Mat

This foldable and lightweight cooling mat will help your furry friend cool off in a minute. It comes in many colors and 3 sizes, and it features a special cooling pad gel inside. To get the best cooling effect, we recommend you place it in the fridge to cool off for an hour. The mat will be of great help when your furry friend gets back from a walk. Place it out of direct sunlight and your batpig will get an immediate cooling effect.  

French Bulldog Cooling Collar

Ensured with 4 gel packs, this French bulldog cooling collar will keep your dog safe from heat stroke. One size fits all Frenchies because the size can be set with the adjustable drawstring. Place the collar in the fridge before wear, and your little gremlin will keep him/her temperature within optimal ranges.


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