Top 8 Best Raincoats For French Bulldogs in 2020

Since every dog needs to go to daily strolls regardless of the weather conditions, we need to think about how to keep their bodies warm and dry. Jumping and rolling on puddles might sound thrilling for your Frenchie. However, drying his fur is not something that we would like to do every day. Therefore, it’s better to stay prepared for the autumn season and find French bulldog raincoats that will keep him snug and safe.

Why use French bulldog raincoats?

As we all know, French bulldogs are prone to hypothermia. They have brachycephalic skulls and one-layered coats that can’t help them regulate their body temperatures. Therefore, wearing French bulldog raincoats can provide your dog with many benefits.

  • Keep the dog’s fur dry

No matter how much you love your dog, the smell of his wet fur is something that doesn’t thrill us. Besides, we don’t even have to mention that our pooches can catch a cold if become wet

  • A dog will stay warm

Although our dogs have fur, they need extra layers during colder months to stay safe from hypothermia. Owners of short-haired dog breeds should always keep an eye on their four-legged friend to spot any strange behavior on time. French bulldog raincoats are perfect pieces of clothes that can be worn on chilly autumn and spring days.

  • Wind-resistant fabric

Since raincoats are made of waterproof fabrics, they can also serve as protection against wind. Going to walks in windy weather conditions can turn into a real-life struggle, so you’d better dress your Frenchie in a quality raincoat.

  • Raincoats make our dogs look adorable

Let’s be honest! We simply adore dressing our Frenchies in cute and trendy clothes. Besides, these little gremlins really need to wear them to stay warm from hypothermia.

What are the best raincoats for French bulldogs?

Sporty Waterproof Raincoat

When it comes to choosing a raincoat for Frenchies, most dog owners want to find a lightweight coat that features waterproof and windproof fabric. Well, this Sporty Waterproof Raincoat comes in 3 colors and many sizes. It’s decorated with sewn reflective straps and there are even adjustable drawstrings on the arms and the back.

Frenchie World® Transparent waterproof raincoat

A simple and transparent French bulldog raincoat is something that your dog gotta wear in wet spring and fall days. Since it’s made of a single layer of waterproof fabric, your pooch won’t feel hot even when wears it on a warm day.

Comfortable cut and button closure will make your dog pleasant, while the practical hood can be worn in windy weather conditions.

Versatile Reflective Waterproof Dog Jacket

Designed to fit dogs with short legs, this Frenchie raincoat is all made of 100 % nylon to ensure lightweight water-resistant, and windproof protection.

Thanks to elastic bands on the belly, and adjustable chest and neck closure, this dog coat can also be worn in dry weather conditions for keeping a dog snug. There is also a metal D ring to hook the leash, and the reflective parts can be especially handy when going to strolls in the evening.

Classic French Bulldog Raincoat

Inspired by the human’s clothing, this Classic French Bulldog Raincoat will make everyone turn their heads for your pup. Made of PVC protective fabric, and inside padded with lightweight cotton, this Frenchie raincoat is perfect to use on chilly, windy, and wet fall days.

To ensure that this raincoat will stay in place, we put tiny elastic bands that go around each leg, and the attached Velcro strap around the belly.

Reflective Safety Frenchie Raincoat

This sporty French bulldog raincoat will be perfect for pawing on a wet and brisk spring or fall day. Made with polished and waterproof fabric, and decorated with reflective stripes, your Frenchie will stay safe and cozy wherever he goes. The raincoat also features a leash hole, button closure, and reflective stripes.

Rainbow Patchwork Waterproof Poncho

To make your dog visible while walking in the rain, we recommend you to have a look at the following Rainbow Patchwork Waterproof Poncho. Made of lightweight and tiny water-resitant fabric, this poncho is perfect for jumping and chasing around in chilly and rainy weather. It features an adjustable touch fastener closure, and the sleeves have elastic bonds to keep them in good shape and length.

Cartoon French Bulldog Raincoat

If you want to make your Frenchie both cute and safe from harsh weather, then this should be the right pick for your little gremlin. Decorated with printed Teddy Bears, and made of lightweight double-layered fabric. The button closure ease the dressing, while the adorable hood can be used to save a dog from wind and rain.

Spaceman French Bulldog Raincoat

To provide your dog with a total protection, we suggest you to check this Spaceman French Bulldog Raincoat. Besides it’s made of waterproof PVC fabricit also features a modern print and transparent pocket on the back that can serve as a bag to place the raincoat after use.

This French bulldog raincoat features elastic bands around the sleeves, and the velcro closure prevents hair twitching. Another great thing about this jacket is that it has a unique hood with a transparent part that looks like a helmet. Therefore, your dog can enjoy walking in the rain without the possibility the dirt and dust enter to his eyes.