Top 5 Ideas To Spend Christmas With Your French Bulldog

The holiday season is about to begin and it’s definitely one of the most special parts of the year. It brings a lot of fun moments to the whole family, and there are many ways to include your Frenchie in the festivities too. Here are the best ideas to spend Christmas with your French bulldog. We are sure that you’ll have a lot of fun!

Ideas to celebrate Christmas with your Frenchie

Although all of us want to leave 2020 far behind us, there are still good chances to write a few memorable chapters until the end of the year.

The most important thing is to stay positive, healthy, and surrounded by people (and furry friends) that you love. Our dogs definitely deserve to become the part of the Christmas celebration and enjoy family time.

Everyone loves snacks. Therefore, don’t restrict your Frenchie from getting tasty bites on Christmas Eve. You can even make snacks that will be both human and dog friendly. For example, you can mix cooked carrots, peanut butter, and broccoli with a few spoons of boiled oatmeal powder to get a denser texture. Mix the ingredients and until the mixture becomes smooth and thick enough to create cookies in different shapes.

Place the snacks in a casserole dish covered with baking paper and leave to bake in a preheated oven (200 C) for about 10min.

These treats can be used for rewarding and your pooch will surely enjoy eating these yummy creations. However, be careful not to overfeed your Frenchie during holidays because gaining weight represents a major problem for their bodies.

Obese Frenchies are on a higher tendency to suffer from breathing issues, hip, and joint deformities. Therefore, the best piece of advice is to make a good balance between regular meals and snacks. If you include Christmas snacks into your French bulldog’s diet, make sure you decrease the portions of food.

  • Movie marathon on the couch

Since we all know that Frenchies like to cuddle a lot, Christmas time is a perfect opportunity to make up all those missed moments of joy. Therefore, lying on the couch with your four-legged couch potato and watching movies is one more great idea to spend Christmas with your Frenchie.

Wearing Christmas-inspired clothes represents an inevitable part of the holiday season. To make your family evening complete, you can wear matching outfits with your furry gremlin. Our choice for your little batpig can be one of the following sweaters made of acrylic wool.

They are emblazoned with knitted decorations of a Snowman, Reindeers, Santa Claus, and Snowflakes.


  • Take family photos

Taking photos around the Christmas tree with your family members and your Frenchie will fill your albums with heart-melting memories. 

  • Try games in the snow  

Although spending time in the snow is not the Frenchie’s cup of a tea, he wouldn’t mind rolling and jumping in the snow. Therefore, if you have the luck to enjoy a wonderful powdery-white landscape in your town during the holiday, why not enjoy it all together with your fur baby?

Before you leave the house, make sure your French bulldog is fully protected. You can dress him into a winter waterproof jumpsuit, and protect his paw from the street salt with non-slipping booties.