Top 10 French Bulldog Christmas Outfits To Make Your Dog Look Festive

We are sure many of you would agree that the winter holiday season is one of the most festive parts of the year. It brings so much jolly, merry, and cheery moments so that we would never want to end up. Since wearing Christmas-inspired clothes is part of our tradition, it would be such a shame to forget dressing your batpig in Christmas clothing too. Besides Frenchie sweaters, our four-legged friends can spice up their winter outfits with hats, jackets, and jumpsuits. To help all those dedicated pet parents to enjoy the best part of the year with their batpigs, we’ve selected the top 10 French bulldog Christmas clothing picks.

french bulldog christmas outfits

What are the cutest French bulldog Christmas clothing picks?

Elk Sweater

When it comes to the cold, your pup should have more than just a jacket! It needs an Elk dog sweater for this holiday season. After all, how can we imagine Christmas without elk? Made of elastic acrylic wool and decorated with red and white stripes, our Elk dog sweater is perfect for keeping your pup warm in any climate. Rest assured this warm yet stylish garment will make any pup happy, confident, and fashionable!

Luxury Knitted French Bulldog Beanie and Scarf Set

Keep your pup warm and safe during the cold season with this Winter dog hat and scarf set. With an adorable pom on top, this accessory is perfect for fluffy dogs that want to look their best. The set includes a scarf that can be tied in several ways or worn around the neck if you are looking for some winter fun. It’s made of soft cotton which will keep them cozy all through their walks, hikes, snow days romps! The ear holes on the hat are big enough to make your dog comfy too.

Ugly Dog Sweater

Ugly sweaters are inevitable parts of every holiday season. They remind us of family time, snowfall, Xmas trees, and opening gifts. Since your family photo session won’t be complete without your dog wearing one of these sweaters, it’s the ultimate time to get one for your four-legged friend too. Celebrate Christmas with this ugly, festive sweater. A holiday-themed sweater will keep your pooch cozy and comfortable day in, day out! Let your Frenchie be the subject of conversation with this sweater that will make him/her snug and warm.

Christmas Dog Costume

This Christmas, get decked out with your favorite furry friends! Get this festive dog costume that will turn your puppy into Santa’s best friend. With his cute little reindeer ears and fluffy hood, he’ll be ready to greet the night on every doorstep he sees.



French Bulldog Santa Claus Riding Deer Christmas Costume

It’s definitely not too early to get your dog into the Christmas spirit. Dress your Frenchie up in this perfect Santa Clause outfit that comes with a real riding Santa Claus toy on the dog’s back. As your dog walks, the Santa will jiggle, so your furry friend will look like his reindeer. There is a velcro strap that goes around your dog’s belly, so you’ll be able to easily set it around your dog’s body.



Santa Dog Hoodie

Rock around the Christmas tree with this whimsical Santa Claus costume for your small dog. The lil’ Santa’s garments are so cute on our furry friends that it’s hard not to want one yourself! This cute and warm dog jumpsuit is made o fleece and it comes with a hood, and sewn toys, and gift boxes on the dog’s back.



Halloween Elf 6-piece Costume

Every time we wear our Santa Clause outfits, you can bet that we’re in for a lot of photo-ops and attention. Make this Christmas season merry and bright with your lovable little helper dressed up in his elf costume! With the new Elf dog costume, your pup can steal all of the spotlights this holiday season! The adorable elf hat and festive sweater will have everyone running to pet and photograph him.

Elf Christmas Dog Costume

Discover another cute French Bulldog Christmas outfit that will put your pooch in the center of attention. It’s time to make this Christmas season magical with a little help from all our furry friends. The Elf Dog set will turn your pup into a jolly little holiday elf. It’s made specifically for dogs who want to look stylish and chic during the holiday season. With festive elf ears, brightly green-colored cuffs and collar, and an adorable pointy hat—this is the perfect outfit for gettin’ down with Santa! This is not only a one-size-fits-all solution but also guarantees maximum comfort because it can be easily removed.



French Bulldog Christmas Bow Tie and Cap Set

How many times did you want to add only a small detail to your French bulldog’s Christmas outfit to make him/her look like a ’perfectly-wrapped gift’? With these amazing dog accessories, we assure you that your furry friend will get a final touch to his Christmas outfit. Choose between a red glittery bowtie, crown, or Santa’s hat, and your batpig will take all the spotlight!



Reindeer French Bulldog Hoodie

This French Bulldog Christmas outfit is not only festive but also warm and cozy! Cool side of the dog house or Santa’s perfect present? With this soft hoodie to wear this winter season, your pup can be snug as a bug all day every day. Imagine how happy Frenchie will be when he sees you’ve purchased one for him! You’ll adore those reindeer horns on the hood too! Available in 6 sizes—XS- 2XL—so take this opportunity to purchase one for your furry friend. 😉


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