The Cutest French Bulldog Mixes! French Bulldog Crossbreeds

 Frenchies are considered one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They take the high 4th position in the USA and even the 1st place in the UK. French bulldogs are known for their lovable nature and friendly personality and that’s why they often find places in big families. On the other hand, this breed is also notorious for several health issues that occur due to their flat skulls. That’s why certain breeders decided to cross a Frenchie with breeds with longer muzzles. In that way, they can prevent different genetic issues to occur in the future.

What are the breeds a Frenchie can be crossbred with?

Since French bulldogs are small in size, they can be crossed with similar-sized terrier breeds. The features of a dog that will be used for mating should also be observed to escape potential health issues. In other words, both dogs should go through several health checks before the mating is performed. French bulldog crossbreeds are not approved by the AKC, however, it doesn’t matter if you just want to own a four-legged family member. 

It also should be noted that many inappropriately-bred Frenchies tend to suffer from environmental allergies. Their small nostrils pick up the pollen, dust and other potential allergy triggers that cause sneezing, itchiness, teary eyes, and other nerve-wracking symptoms. Luckily, that genetic predisposition can be solved by crossing a Frenchie with one of the following dog breeds. Let’s have a look at what are currently the most popular French bulldog mixes.

French bulldog and Poodle mix (French Boodle)

Unlike Frenchies that are considered for low-energy dogs, Poodles are higher in energy, playful and friendly. They have long muzzles so that’s why it would be a good idea to cross it with a Frenchie. And the result will be simply gorgeous! You’ll get a fuzzy Frenchie with big eyes and a bit longer muzzle that will breathe easier. Such a dog will also be less prone to hypothermia and overheating. Depending on whose gene is stronger, this Frenchie mix can be born with moderately or without a curly coat.

 french bulldog mixes

French bulldog and Chihuahua mix (French Bullhuahua)

Although they look so different, these two little pooches can actually result in a cute-looking puppy with pointed ears and longer muzzle. As you can notice, the ears are a bit sharper, and there is a recognizable Chihuahua’s marking around the eyes. The size of the skull is also smaller and the coat appearance may vary.

 French bulldog and Pomeranian mix

According to many people’s opinions,  this is the most adorable French bulldog mix. Since Pomeranian is otherwise called a Teddy Bear, you can expect to get a Frenchie will longer hair whose head characteristics resemble Pomeranian’s.

french bulldog mixes

French bulldog and Beagle Mix (Frengle)

Unlike French bulldog’s erected ears, Beagle has flopped ears. This crossbreed is otherwise called Frengle. Such a puppy usually get flopped ears, while the bigger skull and shorter body it gets from a Frenchie. 

Both Beagle and Frenchie have short and smooth hair, so this mix belongs to moderate shedders. The muzzle of a Frengle is longer than Frenchie’s and it requires more training.

French bulldog and Pug mix (Frug)

Despite the fact both of these two breeds have flat skulls, this is one of the most popular hybrid dogs in the world. Otherwise known as Frug, this dog can pick up the coloring and the body structure of a Frenchie. When we talk about the ears, chances are 50-50 to get the bat ears. The Frenchie Pug has a playful personality and loves human interaction. Since it has a brachycephalic skull, you should pay attention when having a walk in hot and cold days.

French bulldog and Boston Terrier mix (Frenchton)

We can’t deny that both Frenchie and Boston terrier look quite similar at first glance. The Boston has longer legs, it’s taller, and has an elegant appearance. On the other hand, French bulldogs have sturdy bodies and square-shaped heads. The Frenchton has more energy than a purebred Frenchie, so you’ll have a vivacious companion by your side.