The Best French Bulldog Paw Protection For The Winter Season

The winter season is closer than you think. It means that your pet will need to get extra paw care in order to comfy and safely stride onto the cold and icy surfaces. And, if you’re a Frenchie owner who pays attention to its care and health, then you would like to know what is the best French Bulldog paw protection for the winter season.

How to keep your Frenchie’s paws healthy in the winter?

Dog paws represent their main tool for discovering the world. That’s why we should help our pets to keep those tiny body parts healthy, smooth, and moist. Just like walking on hot pavements can harm your French bulldog paws and cause burns and blisters, so cold and icy surfaces can make damage.

Walking barefoot on the snow definitely doesn’t sound like a good idea. Therefore, just imagine how would your dog feel to walk on such pavements without wearing any protective footwear. We all know that dogs are animals, however, your Frenchie didn’t get used to living in harsh weather conditions. These pooches react very sensitively to weather changes, and best suit living in moderate temperatures between 18- 23 C. They are known as best dogs for apartment living conditions, so you’d better keep those paws polished in order to escape any potential health issues.

As one of the first steps to have healthy paws is definitely cleaning. By regularly checking the paws of your furry friend, you’ll prevent many health issues such as pododermatitis, cuts, blisters, itchiness, ingrown nails, etc. We recommend you to use the following Portable Pet Paw Cleaner by Frenchie World because it represents one of the best ways for removing dirt, pollen, and dust from the paws. At the same time, you can use it as daily cleaner every time you get back from the stroll because it features the magical mix of olive oil, coconut oil, peony extract, glycerin, licorice, and purslane extract.

Another great tool for keeping the Frenchie’s paws clean is the following Portable Pet Paws Washer. The gentle silicone bristles will help remove dirt and mud from your dog’s paw cleans off mud, sand, dirt, ice melt and removes other harmful bacteria. 

  • Use French bulldog boots

Wearing French bulldog booties can save your dog from getting cuts and frostbites. At the same time, they will keep your dog safe from street salt that is very poisonous to dogs if they lick it. The following Winter Leather Dog Snow Boots will keep your dog’s paws dry, comfy, and warm. And, we have to admit that it’s the most important thing to keep in mind. They come in many colors, and there are many sizes to choose from.

Another great dog boots that are made of waterproof fabric for pawing through the snow are the Winter Anti Slip Waterproof Boots. They are padded with warm faux fur inside, and feature a non-slipping sole for extra safety. 

  • Use French bulldog balms


Since French bulldog paws can easily become cracked and dry if you don’t pay attention to their care, it’s recommended to ‘feed’ them with natural ingredients. Olive oil, Shea butter, Coconut oil, and other natural ingredients help the dog’s paws to stay healthy and moist. As one of the best options for soothing paw pads are dog paw balms. 

Frenchie World™ Paw Protection Stick will help your pet to say goodbye to the soles swelling, rough, thick and cracked skin. It provides a gentle protection by using olive oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax, VE, and lavender essential oil.


  • Pay attention to your French bulldog nails

Ingrown nails are one of the worst nightmares not only for us but also for our dog. If you leave your dog’s nails uncut, they can seriously affect his mobility. Therefore, regular nail grooming should become one of the routines of your dog care. This nail trimmer will painlessly trim the nails because it features the border where to put the nail. 


  • Fear the cold

It’s essential to mention that cold weather for you, means it’s cold for your Frenchie too. Therefore, keep the strolls short, remain indoors as much as possible, and never leave your Frenchie alone in the car when you go shopping. In the winter, keeping the walks short will prevent your pooch from catching a cold, developing frostbites, and dealing with hypothermia.