The Best Frenchie Harness

From the moment you brought a Frenchie puppy home, you probably found yourself in doubt whether you need to buy a harness or a collar for your pooch. Well, one thing is for sure – French bulldog puppies need to wear a harness. Frenchie harness is the first item you’ll need to buy for your furry friend.

Why does the French bulldog puppy need a harness?

It’s because harnesses give better support to a dog’s body. Since there is no puppy that will know to obediently walk on the leash from the moment you decided to take it the first time for a walk, I suggest you choose a harness. It will not only prevent your Frenchie from choking but will also keep the dog’s spine in a proper position. 

Just imagine that you’ve put a collar on your Frenchie puppy instead of a harness. The scene you’ll see is that your dog is pulling, choking, and keeping the back in a distorted angle. 

Another reason for buying a French bulldog harness is that this gorgeous breed has short and thick necks and compact body. Their brachycephalic skulls make them prone to experience issues with breathing and that’s why harnesses present a great fit for these little gremlins.

What is the best French bulldog harness?

As a reputable French bulldog breeder, I want to introduce you with the importance of buying the right French bulldog harness. First of all, you need to choose the appropriate size and material the harness is made of. Note that some Frenchies can show some skin irritations if something unpleasant stitches their skin. 

Another thing to consider is that a Frenchie harness needs to be highly durable. You surely don’t want to waste your money on cheap harnesses that will break after only a few uses. No matter what are you buying for your frog dog, you need to choose wisely!

frenchie harness

Finding a reflective dog harness that has all the previously mentioned characteristics would be a jackpot. We all know that unpredictable situations can happen and that there is no dog who would not try to escape because of curiosity. That’s why I recommend you to choose a harness with reflective stripes that will be suitable for low light conditions. The following Frenchie World Soft padded harness meets all criteria!

 The material is pleasant on touch, highly durable and comes with 2 metal D-rings for putting a leash. So, you can choose the leash position your dog prefers. Since most dog harnesses don’t have the place for putting your dog’s ID tag, I am sure you’ll be thrilled by picking this one. It’s also adjustable and comes in 3 colors.