The Best French Bulldog Gifts to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is just a couple of weeks ahead when most of us would like to surprise our special persons. Whether you want to buy a gift for your friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, or your Frenchie, these French bulldog gift ideas might help you find inspiration.

Since the time of delivery may last from one to three weeks, it’s better to stay prepared for the loveliest holiday in the year.

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What are the best French bulldog gifts for Frenchie moms?  Valentine’s gifts ideas

We are sure that Frenchie moms would love to get a gift inspired by their furry batpigs. You can choose between mugs, t-shirts, ornaments, and other items that will remind them of their pets. Out tip when buying a French bulldog gift is to choose a creative and non-boring item.

Instead of buying cute-packed chocolates in the drugstore, try to find a present that will put a smile on your special person’s face. 

I Didn’t Fart Slim Fit Unisex T-Shirt

This unisex T-shirt inspired by the witty Frenchie’s personality will surely make everyone laugh. This real life-struggle will only understand French bulldog owners cause these furry gremlins release tons of evil-smelling gasses.

This Frenchie gift will surely surprise every person with a sense of humor.


Frenchie & Owner Matching Sweatshirts

Wearing matching sweatshirts can look really cute and eye-catching when you want to have a walk with your little batpig. These Frenchie and mom matching sweatshirts come in many colors and sizes, and present a perfect gift for all those moms who adore their pooches.


Frenchie All Over Pajama

You can never make a mistake by buying Frenchie pajamas because that’s what all of us need. The adorable Frenchies’ faces give this pajama a special charm. Your special female person would definitely love to spend lazy weekends with her little pooch by wearing comfy and lightweight sleeping clothes.

French Bulldog Leather Shoulder Bag

Since there is no woman who has ever left the house without her bag, then this French bulldog leather shoulder bag might present the right Valentine’s gift. It can be worn both on casual and elegant occasions when you want to break a basic-looking outfit.

Our adorable French Bulldog puppy bag measures 21 cm wide by 19 cm tall and closes with a zipper! It comes with a gold chain attached that measures 40 inches long.


Zircon Stones French Bulldog Necklace

For all those female lovers of elegant-looking jewelry, we’ve prepared this Zircon Stones French bulldog necklace. It’s handmade in Italy, comes in a quality gift box, and is perfect for any occasion.

Not Today Womens T-Shirt

Who doesn’t like long sleeping? A long sleeper’s main complaint is that there is not enough time during the day to be awake..So, if your Valentine belongs to this category, look no more! We all know how much Frenchies adore being couch-potato dogs and spending time doing ‘nothing’. Therefore, this t-shirt is made for all those who consider sleeping for the holy part of the day.

Frenchie Is My Valentine Women’s Tee

For all those girls who don’t have or want to have their Valentine, we’ve prepared this cute Frenchie-inspired T-shirt. Of course, since nothing can replace the love you feel for your pet, your Frenchie deserves to be your Valentine this year!


What are the best French bulldog gifts for Frenchie dads? Valentine’s gifts ideas?

Frenchie dads would be thrilled to own a unique gift inspired by these furry gremlins. Here you’ll find not only T-shirts but also Bluetooth speakers, mugs and wall clocks.

Pardon My French Men’s T-shirt

Pardon My French but wearing this French bulldog T-shirt is a damned shame! Just kidding!  🙂 Every Frenchie dad would be thrilled to have a piece of wardrobe inspired by this little fellow. It is available in three colors and can be worn on any occasion.


Frenchie World Community Member Men’s Cotton Crew Tee

Another great shirt made in the name of French bulldogs deserves to become your special person’s Valentine’s gift. It shows how much you love and adore being an owner of this breed and a member of the World’s biggest online community dedicated to these frog dogs.

Available in many colors and made both in a female version.


Where’s My Coffee Mug

If your boyfriend’s or your friend’s first ritual is drinking a coffee, then you gotta buy him this mug. You know those people who look angry at everyone before they drink their first-morning coffee? Well, that’s why we decided to make a Frenchie-inspired mug to make those mornings funny and cute!


Life Is Better with A Frenchie Mug

There’s no French bulldog owner who would disagree with this statement. Frenchies bring so much joy, love, and affection to our lives. That’s why we should celebrate the love for these four-legged beings. Is your life better with your girlfriend, or your dog? 🙂


French Bulldog 3D LED Hologram Night Lamp

If you want to escape buying boring and ordinary-looking Valentine’s gifts, then you should have a look at this LED night lamp. Your French bulldog gift will definitely stand out from the crowd and can present a great addition to a night table in your boyfriend’s bedroom.


Frenchie Bluetooth Speaker

Frenchie Bluetooth speaker is practical to carry around wherever you want. Therefore, we are sure that it will be a great gift for every Frenchie dad. It can’t be found in stores and it’s available in three colors. 


Vintage French Bulldog wall clock

In case your special person is a lover of music, then this Vintage French bulldog wall clock might present the right choice. It is made of a vinyl music record and comes with LED light and remote controller. The LED light provides 50.000 hours of life and will give a unique detail to everyone’s interior.