The Best 5 Picks of French Bulldog Swimming Jackets

French bulldogs are brilliant in many ways, however, swimming is not their cup of tea. These frog dogs sink like rocks due to a number of reasons, so that’s why you should consider buying a life jacket for this breed. French bulldog life jackets come in many designs and colors, and we’ve selected the top 5 picks that will help these little gremlins to float.

Why do Frenchies need life jackets?

We all know that brachycephalic breeds are notorious for a tendency to overheat and hypothermia, and the list doesn’t end here. These little batpigs also can’t swim because of their flat skulls, short legs, and stout body structure. 

Their bellies are heavier in comparison to the length of their legs so that’s why they need to wear a life jacket when spending time in the pool, lake or sea. The dog’s legs should serve as oars. And, since ’Frenchie’s oars’ are shorter than they should be, your little batpig will sink like Titanic.

I’ve heard from many French bulldog owners how they claim that their dogs are doing great in the water. Well, there are always exceptions but it also should be noted that they can drown in seconds. Unlike for humans, swimming presents a great physical exertion for Frenchies. They quickly lose energy and start to fight for air in order to stay floating on the water. Frenchies can’t swim and it will remain as it is. 

Even when your pooch is wearing a life swimming vest, you should always keep an eye on him.


How to choose the right French bulldog life jacket?

Floating panels

Choosing Frenchie life swimming vests might sound challenging because of the breed’s thick and short necks.  That’s why my suggestion is to pick a life jacket with excellent buoyancy. It means that the vest should consist of high quality floating pannels that will help in keeping the dog above water.

Durable material

Durability is also important to consider and the fabric should be water-resistant and dirt-resistant. It’s also advisable to clean the life jacket from sea salt every time your pooch finishes with swimming. You surely don’t want to buy a Frenchie swimming vest every season.

Choose the right size

There is nothing worse than wearing the inappropriate size of clothes that make us feel uncomfortable and nervous. That’s why I recommend you to choose only adjustable French bulldog life jackets that have durable but elastic straps. Before you pick the size, you should carefully measure the dog’s length of a body and his belly circumference.

Handle on a dog’s back

French bulldog life jackets with handles can be really helpful when you want to maneuver with your dog when spending time in the water. A handle helps you to keep your dog on an eye and save him from unplanned situations.

Top 5 picks of French bulldog life jackets

Shark Dog Safety Life Jacket

Besides it comes in neon colors, this life vest has a highly visible shark fin to make your Frenchie spotted. It consists of floating panels in the neck area, on each belly side and on a dog’s back. The straps are adjustable and the mesh is put on the belly to keep the Frenchie away from overheating.

There is also a D ring on the back to attach the leash when you want to have a stroll by the river, pool, sea or lake. The jacket comes in two colors and it’s made of diving fabric. The buckles are easy to use and remain firmly locked when in use.


Frenchie World® Shark life swimming vest

This professional Frenchie World life swimming vest provides a dog with a warm effect. It comes with quick-release buckles on the sides and the Velcro on the neck and belly ensure the perfect fit.

The handle is convenient to use when you want to grab or put your Frenchie into the water. The fabric of the swimming vest waterproof and dirt resistant.

 Mermaid Dog Life Jacket

If you want to break the traditional style of Frenchie swimming jackets, then your dog gotta own this shiny Mermaid swimming vest. He/she will surely catch everyone’s attention. The vest closes on the velcro and the straps are elastic and adjustable.

Many vests don’t include the adjustable neck size, which can be an issue for your little gremlin. This vest has a big handle and a D ring to attach the leash.

French Bulldog Life Swimming Jacket

This Life swimming jacket might look similar to the previous ones but it actually has an added extension to keep the dog’s head above water. The vest comes in cute shark and duck designs and the extension is put in the neck area. The floating panels are strengthened on the belly too, so your pet will have a better buoyancy in the water.

The shark’s fin is removable and there is also a durable metal D ring for a leash.

Clownfish Summer French Bulldog Life Jacket

This life swimming jacket of a unique design of a cartoon character Nemo will surely attract the attention of everyone. It has a wide Velcro strap to adjust the size, and straps to keep the Velcro secure. The fabric is solid and water-resistant and foam panels are well-padded both on a dog’s back and belly.

Providing your Frenchie with a swimming jacket is a great way to protect your dog, but you should never leave him unattended. For smaller puppies and Frenchies that are lighter in weight, I suggest you choose the dog swimming vest with foam panels on the back. Too many panels can topple over a dog because they may seem too strong for his weight. For older and big pooches, I recommend you to search for French bulldog swimming jackets that have panels all around the body. Special attention should be paid to the belly area.