Second Dog Tests Positive for Coronavirus- How To Keep Your Frenchie Healthy?

Have you heard that the second dog tests positive for coronavirus? Unfortunately, medical experts don’t have much time to test our pets for Covid 19, but the latest breaking news from Hong Kong explains that no one is safe. A German shepherd living in the Pok Fu Lam area on Hong Kong Island was sent for quarantine along with another mixed-breed dog from the same residence.

dog and covid

Who is the second dog tested positive for coronavirus? 

After their owners tested positive for Covid-19, the epidemiologists decided to put their two dogs in quarantine too. While the German shepherd tested positive for the virus, no such result was found in the mixed-breed dog. Neither animal is currently displaying any symptoms.

The first dog that was ‘weak positive’ to the Covid 19 was an elderly 17 years old Pomeranian. Unfortunately, he died just two days after being released from quarantine disease-free. 

For now, we don’t have much information about this pandemic virus. The Hong Kong animal-welfare authority stressed that we have no evidence that pets can spread the virus to other animals and people. These were two isolated cases that should not spread panic between dog owners.

The only thing we can advise you is that you should take care of your dogs as well. They can’t tell us what bothers them, so that’s why is essential to perform steps to keep them safe. The two dogs that became affected by the Covid 19 got sick of their owners. Therefore, humans are a potential threat to dogs and not dogs to humans. 

The AFCD strongly advises that pets from households with persons infected with Covid-19 or those who have had close contact with others infected with the virus, should be quarantined in government facilities. 

 How to keep your Frenchie healthy during the pandemic coronavirus?

 1- Wash your Frenchie’s paws

Your dog’s paws play the same role as our hands. Therefore, it’s essential to clean them every time you get back from the outside. While alcohol is safe for people, it’s not safe for dogs. So, you shouldn’t use it as a disinfectant for your Frenchie’s paws. Instead of it, we recommend you to check the following Portable Pet Paw Cleaner. It’s safe for dogs, fragrance-free, and features a magical mix of olive oil, coconut oil, peony extract, glycerin, licorice, and purslane extract. It doesn’t dry the pads and will add a protective layer against bacteria.

2- Don’t kiss your pet 

Since the Covid19 is transmitted by droplets, you should not kiss your dog or sneeze and cough in his direction. That’s one of the best preventions.

3- Don’t allow your dog to sleep in your bed

You might find this fact heartbreaking, but please, don’t share the bed with your Frenchie during the pandemic coronavirus. It’s the easiest way to spread the virus. Your little furry friend should sleep in his own bed that you’ll clean frequently. To disinfect your dog’s sleeping spot, you can use a liquid disinfectant that is allowed to use around animals. Now, more than ever, your French bulldog’s bed should be kept clean. 

4- Reguralry groom your Frenchie’s coat

Besides we are at the beginning of the spring when flowers and trees bloom and produce pollen, we need to groom our dog’s fur to remove the dirt and dead hair. Our recommendation is to use a Grooming glove that will help you to reach all the spots on your Frenchie’s body.


How to entertain your Frenchie during the pandemic coronavirus? 

Since many countries spend days locked in quarantine these days, we need to invent how to entertain our dogs and ourselves. These are some of the tips to keep your pooch safe, entertained and in good shape while spending days in quarantine.

1- Sneak and Peak

Why not go back to childhood and play a sneak and peak game with your Frenchie and kids. It will be good mental stimulation for your pet and will help him stay in good shape. P.S. Don’t forget to reward your Frenchie with some healthy fruit or veggie when you finish the game!

2- Learn tricks

If you have never had enough time to learn your dog tricks, now you can. Your dog will enjoy having constant interaction with you.

 3- Buy interactive French bulldog toys

Dog interactive toys serve not only to keep dogs entertained but also to improve their intelligence. Therefore, when you want to watch a movie and lie on the couch, you can allow your Frenchie to play with the following Food Hiding Puzzle game.

Self Rolling Interactive Ball is another solution to help your dog to spend pent-up energy. This ball will never start rolling thanks to the 360-degree rolling system. The primary purpose of the self-rotating ball is to have your pet chase the ball around and have fun. With just a single press of a button, the ball will start to do a 360 degrees self-rotation and attract your pet’s attention. The ball will continuously move around your house while producing a red light simultaneously.