Scientists Have Found That Frenchie Owners Love Their Dogs More Than Humans

Would you ever think that a human can love a dog more than other humans? Well, according to the research found by the journal Society and Animals, dog owners feel more affectionate toward their furry friends.

Why humans choose Frenchies?

No matter how it sounds weird, believe us, there is a big reason for it. It’s because people consider their dogs for family members. Unlike humans, dogs are not capable to betray anyone. They are only creatures that can share unconditional love. 

When we talk about French bulldogs, it’s a well-known fact that this breed belongs to companion dogs. They simply can’t live without their humans so that’s why they are on a higher tendency to suffer from separation anxiety.

By going back through history, we will realize that these affectionate pooches served as faithful followers to Nottingham lacemakers. Later, they became ‘must-have’ dogs in the French high-class society. Today, French bulldogs are still famous companion dogs and take a high 4th position in homes all around the world according to the AKC.

What does the study say?

In the study where scientists found that people love their dogs more than other humans, people needed to declare who they would prefer to help.

In the experiment, 250 students were given the fake news where injured victims were a puppy, a baby, a human, and an adult dog. After reading the article, the results were more than surprising.

More than one-third of people decided they would rather save the lives of puppies and babies toward humans. The second place went to adult dogs, while adult humans ended up in the last position.

The conclusion was that people respond to dogs in the same way they respond to babies. They consider them helpless beings who need help. Psychologists claim it’s because both babies and dogs aren’t capable to speak. They communicate by showing facial expressions and sounds such as crying or whining.

If we pay attention to our dogs’ body language, we will see that our furry friends are pure-heart beings. They rejoice when we reward them with treats and send us those ‘puppy eyes’ look to tell us how much they love us. The same thing happens with human babies. They don’t know to hide or fake out the emotions. 

That’s why humans come to a subconscious conclusion they should rather help a dog than to an adult human.

Another fact for making such a conclusion is because our pooches depend on the care and love we provide them. In other words, they are like our children because we need to feed them, take them for a walk, get them dressed, and help them do the rest of the stuff. The only thing different is that you don’t need to take them to school, right?

Your Frenchie is your best date?

Have you heard of a study that says that people prefer spending time with their dogs more than with friends? Since most of us live stressful and busy lives, people often decide to spend their free time with their four-legged friends than with people.

Let’s be honest, your Frenchie will never be able to ‘bother’ you with his/her life problems. It’s because your little gremlin doesn’t have them. His/her only concern is to know what’s today on the menu.

As you can see, dogs make our lives better. They work like antidepressants to our brains and help us deal with all kind of issues. When we talk about French bulldogs, they are marvelous souls that are ready to clown around all day long just to see their owners smiling. Frenchies easily fit any kind of environment and enjoy spending time with kids. They are actually their best partners in crime!

From the moment a Frenchie walked into your life, you changed your life forever! You became a more responsible person who would rather choose to spend time with a dog than with some other human. And, there is nothing wrong with it! In the end, your dog will never betray you and aks for something in return. Well…in the worst-case scenario, he/she could ask you for a bowl of a tasty meal!