Why Do You Need To Meet Your French Bulldog’s Mom Before You Buy It?

We cannot deny that the French Bulldogs have become increasingly popular in recent years. They can be seen almost on every corner especially when we talk about the UK where they take the first place in homes all over the island. Luckily (or not), people like to follow trends and the best example can be found in clothes and gadgets. Well, dogs are also not excluded from it, so that’s why we often became witnesses that the popularity of a specific breed may grow and then rapidly fall.

When we talk about Frenchies, their popularity is still on the rise. And for many ‘so-called dog breeders,’ it is the perfect opportunity to earn a lot of money. Overproducing took these pooches to the stage of being abandoned in streets and left in shelters.

french bulldog mother

Stay aware of cheap Frenchi puppies

 Unfortunately, many people often search to buy cheap dogs. They become seduced by those cute bunches of fur and think that ‘a dog is just a dog’. ‘What can go wrong with a dog? I’m going to feed it, train it to go to the toilet, and take it for a walk. What’s the big deal?’ However, this is far from the truth because once you decided to own a dog, you’ve signed a contract for life. It’s equal to getting a new family member.

frenchie mom

Finding a reputable French bulldog breeder

Before you make a final decision of buying a French bulldog puppy, I recommend you to find a reputable breeder who will ensure you in the puppy’s health history. It might sound weird, but you also need to know who is the mother of your future Frenchie.

Being able to know or meet Frenchie’s mother can much affect your choice. Unlike reputable and trusted breeders, ‘fake breeders’ often have a large number of puppies in the litter at once. It’s because they have several dams that are used only for puppy production. Since it’s not safe and desirable for a pregnant Frenchie to carry more than 2 or 3 puppies at once, overcarrying may lead to having unhealthy and weak puppies.

To get rid of those unhealthy puppies that will show a number of health issues in the future, scammers rush to sell puppies at low prices. Such a puppy didn’t get proper care in the kennel, didn’t get sufficient mother’s milk, and didn’t spend time interacting with her. Spending time with a mother is healthy for a dog. Like in human infants, mother’s milk helps her child to build a strong immune system and fight diseases.

Another important fact to note is that a puppy that was taken too early from a litter may show behavioral issues in the future. Such a dog may become aggressive or suffer from separation anxiety. Besides high medical bills you’ll need to pay to heal your pup, your pooch will also have a short lifespan.

Therefore, meeting your future Frenchie’s mother and a father is highly important. In case you are buying a puppy abroad, the breeder should also provide you with the opportunity to find out all the information about the Frenchie puppy’s parents. Responsible breeders take the pre-breeding health tests on the parents. In that way, they ensure that genetic-caused diseases are not passed onto their puppies. 

When is the time for a Frenchie to leave its mother?

Every puppy should be ready to leave its mother when it’s 8 or 9 weeks old. Until that time, a puppy should go through proper socialization and receive all the essential vaccines.

It also should be noted that even though the puppy is ready to leave the kennel, it’s not capable to look after itself. In the first two weeks after you brought the puppy home, it may show whining and ‘crying’. It’s a normal reaction that occurs due to separation from its mother and other puppies from the litter. Therefore, you’re the one who needs to take the role of the mother. Showing love and affection will help a lot in building its healthy personality and temperament.

You should also be ready for your dog’s chewing behavior. It’s the period when dogs go through a terrible teething phase and will tend to chew on everything. That’s why you should consider buying some toy for French bulldogs to save your home items.

What to ask the breeder when buying a puppy?

If you already find the right breeder for your new family member, this is the list of questions you should ask him/her before you buy a puppy.

  • As I already mentioned, if possible, meet the puppy’s parents. Pay attention to their behavior and whether they are in good health.
  • Did your puppy go through a period of socialization? Ask the breeder if the pups have been around other dogs and people.
  • What vaccines has your future Frenchie had? Ask to get a health card to see when is the time for the next vaccination.
  • Ask for the health of other puppies from the litter.
  • Has the puppy been dewormed?
  • What health checks the puppy had?
  • What guarantee does the breeder give you? Of course, your dog’s future health much depends on the care you’ll provide him/her with, but your breeder should also ensure that the puppy doesn’t have any hereditary diseases.
  • As what diet to choose for your French bulldog. Since Frenchies are prone to flatulence due to their short muzzles, my advice is to ask the breeder to recommend the best diet for your little gremlin.
  • Ask for some tips on how to take care of your new family member (nail trimming, coat, folds, nose, ears, paws).
  • What is the dog’s family history? Does your breeder have the info about the dog’s bloodline? Ask how long did the dog’s relatives and parents have lived and what theyhave died from.