Is It a Good Idea To Adopt a French Bulldog?

Should you adopt or buy a French bulldog? This is probably one of the most common questions you would ask yourself from the moment you’ve decided that you want to become a dog owner. Although adopting a Frenchie sounds like a humane and money-saving option, it’s not always like that. Read on and find out what are the pros and cons of buying and adopting a French bulldog.

french bulldog adoption

What are the pros of French bulldog adoption?

  • You’re saving someone’s life

One of the most important pros of adopting a Frenchie is that you’ll save a lovely creature from euthanasia. Unfortunately, more than a million dogs and cats are euthanized in the USA every year. It’s because more people consider buying a puppy than adopting.

When we talk about French bulldogs, it’s nothing unusual to find them in rescues and shelters. Thanks to irresponsible breeders, these iconic dogs often end up in the streets due to their tendency to suffer from health issues. So, in which cases can French bulldogs be prone to health problems?

Well, buying a French bulldog for a small amount of money shouldn’t sound like a good idea. Every trusted breeder won’t overproduce and sell Frenchie puppies for a low amount of money. When you put on paper the costs of selecting healthy dogs for mating, artificial insemination, prenatal care, C section, and costs after the puppies’ delivery, you certainly won’t be able to sell these pooches cheap.

Other cases include buying dogs in pet stores or flea markets. As the result, such dogs are in poor health and will be prone to many health issues in the future. Due to these reasons,  ‘dog owners’ decide to left Frenchies in the streets. The medical bills are simply too high for their budget, so these lovely gremlins become homeless overnight.

  • Adopted dogs are already vaccinated and neutered/spayed

A good side of French bulldog adoption is that dogs in shelters are already vaccinated, spayed, and neutered. Therefore, these costs are included in the adoption price which can save you from upfront costs.

  • Family dog for life

French bulldogs are famous for their friendly and affectionate personalities. So, if you want to adopt this batpig, you can be sure that you’ll have a great family dog and loyal companion.

What are the cons of French bulldog adoption?

  • Poor socialization

Unfortunately, you can’t know how your future dog’s personality will look like. Abandoned dogs are often poorly socialized, and can aggressive toward other dogs, and people. Therefore, if you don’t have experience in dog ownership or you have kids, I don’t recommend you to adopt any dog breed. The biggest advantage of buying a puppy is that you’ll be the only one who will be responsible for tailoring the dog’s personality.

  • Poor health

As we already mentioned, abandoned French bulldogs often suffer from different health issues. Whether it’s a food allergy, environmental allergy, or some other more serious illness, the tendency to health issues is something common to all abandoned French bulldogs.

Frenchies easily attach to their human families. It means that an abandoned French bulldog went through a very stressful life situation that can trigger the condition called separation anxiety. Therefore, adopting a French bulldog can be a risky option. Separation anxiety in French bulldogs can be successfully treated in mild cases. Severe cases will be more difficult to heal, and they require the supervision of a dog behavior specialist.

french bulldog adoption

Wrapping up

Whatever decision you make, our goal is to prevent these dogs to become homeless. We fight against puppy mills, scammers, and irresponsible breeders who want to earn easy money. The difference between a Frenchie of 500$ and 5,000$ is huge. Therefore, before you decide to become a dog owner, you need to perceive all the aspects of your life. Do you want your dog to be your family member for years? Are you going to be a responsible owner who will take care of your dog? Are you ready for a new life roll that will keep you busy and responsible 24/7? These are only some of the questions to think about before you make a decision.