Is CBD Oil Good For French Bulldogs?

CBD oil has gained great popularity in the last few years. It helps in releasing pains in your Frenchie’s hips and joints, but there is a lot of confusion about whether it’s legal or not. Since it’s very important to know whether this product is safe for your pet, we decided to relieve the topic is CBD Oil good for French bulldogs.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD is otherwise known as cannabidiol. It’s a component extracted from Cannabis plants. It’s completely natural, and unlike the THC compound that is also found in the Cannabis plant, CBD is approved in countries many countries all over the world.

People often get confused by the terms CBD and hemp oil. Although both CBD and hemp oil are extracted from special types of Cannabis plants, the main difference is that hemp oil for dogs can contain 0.3 % of THC. THC is a psychoactive component found in some types of Cannabis plants. On the other hand, CBD oils for dogs don’t contain THC and can provide many beneficial effects to a dog’s health.

Why you should use CBD oil for French bulldogs?

As we all know, Frenchies can be susceptible to different health issues. Dealing with arthritis, painful joints, hip dysplasia, and other mobility problems resulted in a constant search for products and ingredients that can help our pooches to reduce pains.

Luckily, in the last few years, many successful experiences and stories came to light about the safety and effectiveness of CBD oil in dogs.

How can CBD oil help Frenchies to easier deal with pains?

CBD oil has been used in French bulldogs for seizures, pain relief, anxiety, nausea, cancer, and mobility issues. Many studies have shown that CBD supports the normal cellular function. In other words, dogs who regularly take CBD treats or oil will have healthy aging through mitochondrial support.

 This magical product can also prevent Frenchies to suffer from separation anxiety and can help in reducing head tremors. So far, scientists couldn’t find the most common reason for head tremors in French bulldogs. However, many owners whose dogs deal with this condition claim that CBD oil helps in decreasing uncontrollable head tilting and provides a calming effect.

CBD oil for Frenchies isn’t a cure for all joint issues, but it can help in reducing pains and improving mobility. For example, my friend’s Frenchie had issues with climbing the stairs, and after several months of use, he has shown a noticeable improvement.

Another beneficial effect this oil can provide is improving the general condition and appearance of the skin. Therefore, Frenchies who have dry coats, suffer from dermatitis, and other skin conditions can safely use CBD oil and snacks.


Things to know about CBD oil for French bulldogs

CBD oil can’t make your dog high. Almost all CBD oils for dogs are free of THC, so that’s why we strongly recommend you always check what’s written on the label before buying one for your pet. CBD is not a psychoactive substance, so you don’t have to worry about that part.

When we talk about the recommended amount your dog should take daily, the best way is to include it gradually. Start with one small drop of oil (you can put it on your Frenchie’s snack) and monitor your dog’s body language. In some dogs, CBD can cause low blood pressure, dry mouth, and drowsiness, so it’s always better to keep those things in mind before trying it.