How To Trim The French Bulldog’s Nails?

Trimming your French bulldog’s nails is an essential routine that affects his health and tells a lot about his hygiene. All dogs require to get regular nail trimming, otherwise, they can experience mobility issues and discomfort if the nails curl back into the pad.

Why is it important to make a positive association with a nail trimming routine?

Since we all know that most dogs find this routine very scary, it’s important to teach them to get used to nail trimming from a young age. The key to success is to create a positive association, so your pet can connect it with pleasure. Try rewarding your pooch with a tasty treat along with telling praise words. 

Before you start trimming your French bulldog’s nails, we recommend you mentally prepare your pet for this routine. Our advice is to spend a few days playing with your dog’s paws. Your pup should get used to touching his toes, pads, and space between the toes. This practice should be daily repeated until your pet becomes completely relaxed. Some pooches will need more than a few days to allow you to hold their paws, so the best thing you can do is to gradually extend the time of ’practicing’ this routine.

How to start the procedure of trimming your French bulldog’s nails?

  • Let your Frenchie sniff and lick the nail clipper. Reward your pooch with treat and praise.
  • Take the nail clipper and slowly bring them to his paws. Repeat rewarding.
  • Make a clutching sound with clippers so your Frenchie can hear it. The same thing you should do with an electric trimmer as well.
  • Try to cut only one nail to see your dog’s reaction. Reward him with a tasty treat and tell him praise words.
  • If your dog feels comfortable, you can continue with the process. Otherwise, we recommend you cut one or two nails each day. The most important thing to keep in mind is to make a positive association with nail trimming. Therefore, use a lot of treats, and start from the dog’s young age.

When is the right time for nail trimming?

A good rule of thumb is to trim your French bulldog’s nails when you hear the nails are touching the ground. Some pooches that frequently walk on concrete will need nail trimming less often. Concrete works as a sort of file, so the dog’s nails will become naturally shortened to a length that suits him.

Walking with long nails is very uncomfortable for dogs. Besides, they take away the traction, which can be especially dangerous on slippery surfaces.

Unfortunately, many pet parents don’t know that dogs have a blood supply in their nails. It’s called ’quick’, and it becomes bigger as the nail grows. Only when the nails are regularly kept short, they can be trimmed without bleeding.  

What are the best nail clippers/ trimmers for French bulldogs?

There are different types of nail trimmers, and you should choose the one that will suit both you and your pet best. 

Electric trimmers allow finer shortening and help you easier determine where the ’quick’ is. They also painlessly trim the dog’s nails without causing the nails to bleed. The following Dog Electric Rotating Nail Trimmer comes with three replacement rollers. It’s easy to use and works on batteries.


On the other hand, traditional nail clippers are for those owners who want to faster finish the process. With just one ‘click’, your dog’s nails will be cut to the desirable length. However, the bad side of such clippers is that some dog owners find it difficult to determine where the ‘quick’ is. So, if you’re not a pro, our advice is to use electric trimmers.

Another electric trimmer that works great on Frenchies is the Dog Pedicure trimmer. It produces low noise and comes with 3 rotating file wheels. 

Professional Nail Grooming Tool is our last pick because it is usb rechargeable, produces low noise, and safe for home usage.