How To Take Care Of Your French Bulldog’s Coat?

One of the first things people notice on dogs are their coats. A smooth and shiny coat is the mirror of a dog’s health and care. We can make a similar comparison with the human’s skin too. Elastic, hydrated, and smooth skin is a sign of healthy nutrition and good overall health. When it comes to the care of your dog’s skin, there are steps you can perform to make it look healthy and nurtured.

How to know that my Frenchie is healthy?

A healthy dog is a happy dog. Since we all want to provide our pets with the best diet and care, these tips will help you improve your dog’s overall appearance.

A healthy Frenchie will have a smooth, shiny, and glossy coat that will excessively shed only twice a year. During other months, your Frenchie should be a moderate shedder. The good thing is that these little gremlins have one-layered coats, so they don’t belong to excessive shedders.

You’ll know that your French bulldog is healthy by monitoring his/her coat, nose, and skin. The French bulldog’s nose has to be moist, wet, and free of crusts. The crusty nose often points to a condition called hyperkeratosis that requires long-term treatment. In most cases, the crusts can fall off by regular usage of nose butter that features a mix of natural oils.

A healthy French bulldog skin should be elastic, without flaky scalp, and enough moist. Therefore, if you’ve noticed that your Frenchie’s skin is oily and releases dandruff, then you should talk to your vet to start with the right treatment. Itchy skin is often a sign that your pooch suffers from allergies. Unfortunately, allergies in French bulldogs can be caused by different triggers and the most common are seasonal pollen, mites, dust, dirt, and even certain ingredients.

Since the French bulldog’s coat can’t look healthy and smooth if the skin shows any of the previously mentioned problems, it’s important to use products that will treat both of them.

How to make my French bulldog’s coat look healthy and smooth?

Choose the right shampoo for your French bulldog

French bulldogs have sensitive skin so they shouldn’t use cosmetic that is not vet-approved. We recommend you use hypoallergenic dog shampoos that are free of parabens and that contain only a mix of natural ingredients. Olive oil, Coconut oil, and Aloe Vera are known as the best natural ingredients that soothe skin irritation, provide essential moisture, and improve the dog’s coat.

The best-selling pick among our customers is the following SOS Natural French Bulldog Shampoo. It’s approved by the Royal Veterinary College and it’s available in 6 types.

Regularly groom your French bulldog’s coat

Regular grooming should be one of the most important routines in your dog’s life. It doesn’t only helps him/her to remove the dead hair, but also evenly distributes skin oils through the coat. In that way, you’ll escape a dull-looking fur in your Frenchie.

In case you’re wondering what is the best grooming brush for their type of coat, we recommend you use the Silicone grooming glove thorough the year. In case you want a brush or comb that will help you thoroughly clean the dead hair, then you can use French Bulldog Massage Hair Remover. The needles feature a plastic protective coating on top, so it won’t irritate or hurt the dog’s skin.

Invest in your French bulldog’s diet

A healthy diet represents the pillar of your dog’s health. That’s why it’s essential to choose the right ingredients that won’t cause allergies, painful flatulence, and gasses. Carefully read your dog’s dry kibble and choose the one that is free of by-products, corn, and additives. Some Frenchies will even require eating grain-free diets and avoid eating certain types of meat. In case you notice that your pooch deals with hard or runny stool, excessive gasses, and skin itchiness, then it’s a clear sign that he/she suffers from food allergies. Talk to your vet to get the best advice and try the elimination diet. In most cases, dogs who suffer from allergies require switching to a raw diet.

Raw or BARF diet for French bulldogs allows you to choose only fresh and healthy ingredients for your pet. However, there are also certain precautions to pay attention to. The meat should be fresh and bought only in trusted butcheries.

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