How To Prevent Obesity in French Bulldogs?

Seeing plump Frenchies might be cute, however, when it comes to their health, it can present a huge problem. Just like humans, dogs can also become overweight. To provide your French bulldog with the highest quality of life and extend its lifespan, we want to introduce you to all the essential tips on ‘How to Prevent Obesity in French bulldogs’.

Even if your pooch doesn’t show any signs of health issues, obesity can cause diabetes, heart diseases, joint diseases, and many more. If you are not sure that your Frenchie is overweight, these are three signs to spot.


How to prevent your French bulldog from obesity?

Weight gain in Frenchies usually occurs due to overfeeding and lack of exercise. Since this breed should not be exposed to great physical exertions, Frenchie owners often make mistake and don’t pay attention to their needs for activity. Not only exercise is important for your Frenchie’s body health, but also his mental health. However, exercise should be more than just going to slow morning and evening strolls even for these couch potatoes. They should be involved in your daily activities and to spend time playing with toys as well. Let’s find out some useful tips on how to prevent obesity in French bulldogs.

How much time does your Frenchie spend in strolls?

One of the biggest reasons why your little gremlin became obese is because he eats more calories than she burns. To prevent this, your furry friend needs to get daily exercise even when weather conditions don’t fit his nature.

We all know that French bulldogs are prone to hypothermia and overheating and according to my many years of experience in breeding Frenchies, the winter season represents a huge problem for owners of this breed. Therefore, you need to think about how to keep your dog fit in indoor conditions.

If you live in a cold climate, you may need to buy your Frenchie protective booties to protect his paws when it’s frozen outside. He may also need a sweater or jacket in these conditions as well.



 1- Teach your dog to play with toys

This might not sound difficult to accomplish but there are dogs that get bored to play with the same toys every day. Like with kids, you should remove certain toys from time to time and then change them with existing ones. As one of the best toys for Frenchies that will keep them occupied and help them burn calories is the following Self Rolling Interactive Ball.

Thanks to its rotating system, this ball will never stop rolling. It will continuously roll even when colliding with chairs, walls and other items. Therefore, your Frenchie will have 24-hour fun during the winter season.


2- Interactive French bulldog toys

Using interactive French bulldog toys is another option to keep your dog’s weight within normal limits. Most of the interactive toys include adding dry kibble dog food inside, however, there is a way to do it without exposing your pooch on risk to gain weight.

Separate the amount of your dog’s daily amount of food for rewarding. Do not feed him with extra snacks because it’s the most invisible way of gaining weight. The following Frenchie World food catapult is a great tool to keep your dog active inside of the house. You can chase and run through the house or yard and your pet will stay entertained because the smell of his dry kibble food will attract him.


3- Pick different activities for your Frenchie

Playing fetch with your Frenchie will not only prevent him from obesity but will also decrease boredom.You can use our French bulldog chewing toy to play fetch with your little gremlin when you are not able to take him outside for a walk.

4- Change your French bulldog’s diet

Before you finally decide to switch your pooch to another diet, my advice is to consult with your vet first. Note that this breed has a sensitive digestive system that requires eating specially crafted diets.

BARF diet for French bulldogs is one of the best picks when we talk about obesity prevention.

5- Establish a food schedule

If you free-feed your dog then you should set a schedule of eating. Put food down for a certain time and limit your Frenchie’s eating to 20 minutes.If your pet didn’t eat the whole portion, take up any food left in his bowl.

6- Take your Frenchie to swim

Well, we all know that Frenchies are not good swimmers. Their short snouts and legs, and round bodies don’t allow them to stay floating. However, by using life swimming jackets, you’ll help your pet to float and help him burn calories. The following one is available in two camouflage colors and comes with a practical handle on a dog’s back. It helps to easier maneuver with your pooch while spending time in the water.

 7- Don’t reward your Frenchie with commercial treats

Commercial treats are often high in calories. They might have great smell and taste, however, your pooch can easily become overweight if you daily feed him with treats. As a healthier choice, I advise you to choose fresh veggies. Giving your pet fruits can also be tricky because they have high percentage of sugar.