How to keep your Frenchie’s coat healthy and smooth?

“Wow, your frenchie’s skin is so smooth, what have you done?”. I hear this a lot from people, so I’ve decided to create a small tutorial on how to achieve this for your own frenchie.

A healthy and shiny dog’s coat will attract people’s attention anywhere… wheteher you are in a cafe, shopping mall, or just taking a walk with your little gremlin, people will instantly notice the difference and ask you about it. In other words, it presents the mirror of your dog’s overall health.

french bulldog coat

French bulldog’s nutrition

One of the ways for keeping your French bulldog’s coat health and smooth is to provide him with the right nutrition. By feeding your furry friend with the best quality food, you’re making your dog less prone to allergies. Unfortunately, many French bulldogs experience food allergies due to low-quality food. Therefore, it’s advisable to avoid dog food rich in ‘by-products’ – processed leftovers of slauthered animals that are still present in some foods.

Most dogs will eat anything, however…

Not everything will leave a positive effect on your Frenchie’s body. Food rich in corn, wheat, and grains often cause skin problems in these lovely dogs. If you wouldn’t choose a carb-rich diet for yourself, then you wouldn’t choose it for your furry friend, right? 

Choosing the right food for your batpig only depends on you. So, stop buying the cheapest canned and dry kibble food, and start looking for fresh and cooked homemade dog food.  

french bulldog coat


How to groom your frenchie?

We all know frenchie is a short haired dog, but no matter if you own a short or long-haired one, every dog needs to be regularly groomed. There are many grooming tools to choose from, but when we talk about French bulldog grooming demands,  I strongly suggest to use to use this brush glove, for grooming your batpig’s fur at least once a week. 

Brush gloves are great products for grooming short-coated dogs since they don’t damage the hair and provide a pleasing massage effect to a dog’s body.

Which kind of bath is the best for frenchie?

For Frenchies that suffer from environmental allergies, regular bathing presents one of the most important parts in keeping their coats healthy and smooth. Environmental allergens like dust, pollen, and different house chemicals present huge problems not only to Frenchies but also to humans.

Unlike people who daily remove different environmental allergen from their bodies by bathing, French bulldogs much depend on their owners. Therefore, it’s advisable to bathe your Frenchie once a month in an oatmeal bath. Oatmeal bath leaves a beneficial effect on French bulldog’s skin and helps in relieving itching.

Other great products for keeping your French bulldog’s coat shiny is using different essential oils. You can use mixed Coconut and Castor oils and spray your dog’s hair once a week. Using a brush glow after spraying is also advisable because in that way you’ll remove all the excessive hair.  Our bestseller is this particular brush glow that I personally use for all my frenchies. 

The following product is Bath Salt that is totally suitable for French bulldog’s sensitive eyes and skin. It’s available in 3 different fragrances and is specially developed for bulldog type of dogs. The Frenchie World Bath Salt presents a perfect solution for your Frenchie’s itchy skin and other skin inflammations.

french bulldog's coat


Regular nails trimming

Besides previously mentioned tips for keeping your Frenchie’s coat healthy and smooth, we can’t miss the opportunity without mentioning their adorable paws.  You must admit that there’s nothing worse than seeing a dog’s nails untrimmed. Unfortunately, there are dog owners who are not conscious of leaving a dog’s nails unkempt. It can actually cause pains and uncomfortable feeling in your Frenchie.  In order to keep your French bulldog’s nails healthy, it’s advisable to trim them every month. On the other hand, it actually much depends on a dog itself, so some dog’s nails should be trimmed every 2 months. 

The following Dog Pedicure by Frenchie World is the newest and fastest way to keep your doggie’s nails trim rounded and smooth with no mess caused by traditional nail clippers.

french bulldog coat


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