How To Get Rid On Tear Stains On Your Frenchie?

Brown, reddish or yellow tear stains on your Frenchie don’t have to become a year-round problem. If you are wondering why do they occur, the answer is simple. Some dog breeds are more susceptible to excessive tear production. On the other hand, tear stains can also happen due to an underlying eye infection so that’s why you need to react on time.

What are tear stains on French bulldogs?

We bet you all would agree that tear stains on dogs are one of the ugliest conditions. The good thing is that they are not painful and dangerous, however, they can point out to an underlying issue.

Since Frenchies have ‘protruding’ and huge round eyes because of the brachycephalic skulls, their eyes require more tears to keep them moist. To escape the dry eye problem, Frenchies’ eyes produce more tears than other dogs do. 

The same situation happens to other brachycephalic breeds such as Pugs, English bulldogs, mastiff breeds, and Boston terriers. 

You can much easier spot the tear stains on your Frenchie if he has light-colored fur. It doesn’t mean that dogs with dark fur don’t have tear stains. You can only spot them more difficult.

How to prevent tear stains on your French bulldog?

Since Frenchies has the uniquely-shaped eye sockets, they are prone to experience different eye issues and Cherry eye is one of them.

When the tear canal get clogged due to the excessive tear production, or due to weakening, the third eyelid becomes bulging. Therefore, one of the tips for prevention of tear stains is gently massaging the tear canal in the corner of the eye.

 Since our dogs can’t wash their faces like we do every morning, you need to clean around the corner of their eyes by using vet-approved tear stain wet wipes. Finding a tear stain remover that works will also help you in keeping your dog’s face clean and fresh. Note that Frenchies can have sensitive eyes, so it’s always better to buy a product that has been vet approved.

 Another important note is that you need to know to make a difference between red and brown tear stains of your Frenchie. Red tear stains are caused by porphyrins. They are iron-containing waste products from the breakdown of red blood cells that can be excreted in tears and saliva.

However, when your French bulldog has brown tear stains, they can be triggered by the yeast that requires treating. Yeast presents a natural resident of your Frenchie’s body, but it overgrows when the immune system is weakened.

Yeast overgrows because the moist areas around the mouth and under the eyes are most prone to microorganisms buildup. You’ll find out if your Frenchie’s tear stains are caused by bacteria or fungi if you smell the spot. If his face has a stinky odor, chances are it’s a yeast infection.


Where to find a tear stain remover that works?

If you are searching for a tear stain remover that works, I recommend you to take a look at the following one. It’s empowered by German technology and prevents different bacterial infections. 

The Frenchie World tear stain remover works great both on red and brown stains. It is bactericidal and completely safe to use on sensitive Frenchie’s eyes. You should apply the tear stain remover on a cotton swab or a soft cloth and gently wipe around your little gremlin’s eyes.

The tear marks should be cleaned 2-3 times per week. In cases when the marks are extremely dark, I advise you to use it 3-4 times per week. Results may vary on how deep the stains are. In most cases, your Frenchie will need approximately 8 weeks to completely get rid of tear stains.