How To Eliminate Musty Odor From Your Frenchie’s Coat After Swimming?

Does your Frenchie smell bad after baths and swimming? Enjoying summer adventures with your dog is priceless. However, with all those splashy moments, here it comes a musty and yeasty odor on your Frenchie’s coat. We can describe it as the smell of wet clothes that were kept in a dryer for a long time. Since many owners don’t find such odor pleasant, we decided to provide you with tips on how to eliminate musty odor from your Frenchie’s coat after swimming.

What causes a musty odor on my French bulldog’s coat?

When our pooches spend time in a pool, lake, or sea, their coats trap and absorb various organic materials from the water. Depending on the chemical composition of water, our pets can absorb fish waste, algae scent, dirt, chlorine, and other materials. Aside from these facts, our Frenchies carry natural oils, yeast, and different microorganisms in their coats. They serve as a natural protective barrier against harmful elements, and when they come in contact with water, a musty odor may appear. That’s why it would be good to perform the following steps to help your Frenchie smell better.

How to eliminate bad odor from your Frenchie?

  • Rinse your dog’s coat

After your dog finished swimming, you can use a hose with a shower sprinkler to rinse the odor triggers.

  • Pay attention to folds

Folds can hide moisture, oils, dirt, and all those nasty-smelling elements. That’s why we need to clean them not only after swimming but also after meals. French bulldogs have numerous folds on their bodies, and the best items to perform cleaning are wet cloth or baby wet wipes. To pick up the moisture, you can sprinkle cornstarch inside of each fold as well.

  • Use Frenchie World Dry Cleansing Foam

Dry cleaning foam features natural herbs that will make your dog’s coat smell wonderful after swimming. It leaves a pleasant and fresh scent and provides an antibacterial effect to the skin. You should gently massage the coat with foam, and then wipe it with a towel.

  • Oatmeal bath

If you and your pet love to spend almost every day swimming, then we recommend you to soothe his/her skin with oatmeal. An oatmeal bath will be a much better choice than using dog shampoos on a daily basis. It is completely natural, relieves itchiness, makes the coat look smooth and shiny, and improves overall skin condition.

To prepare this bath, you should buy 300g oatmeal powder and mix it in a bowl with lukewarm water. When the mixture becomes creamy, you should apply it on your dog’s coat and gently massage it for 10 min. Rinse the coat with water and use a towel to absorb the wetness.

  • Absorb the water from the coat

Use a soft and high-absorbent towel to pick up the water from your French bulldog’s coat after swimming. If the fur remains damp for a long time, bacteria and fungus can overgrow and cause itchiness and even skin infections.

The following pick is soft in touch and big enough to wrap your dog’s whole body.

  • Don’t forget the paws

The dog’s paw pads are like sponge. They absorb water during baths and swimming, so we need to gently push the pads after water adventures. You’ll be surprised how much water will come out of your Frenchie’s paws. Special attention requires the space between toes, so we suggest you use a dry cloth or towel to remove dirt and moisture.

  • Regular grooming is ‘a must’

By regularly grooming your Frenchie’s coat, you’ll help him release dander, dirt, and dead hair. To make it clean and soft after swimming, we suggest you try this Silicone grooming glove that features dozens of soft pins.

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