How To Clean French Bulldog Wrinkles

French bulldogs are maybe small in size, but they have a playful and curious temperament and an adorable gremlin-looking face. We bet no one can resist those outrageously cute wrinkles that are one of the most recognizable marks of this breed. Since their folds need occasional cleaning, we decided to share with you the best tips and tricks for their cleaning.

Why do Frenchie’s wrinkles need to be clean?

All dog breeds with wrinkled skin may have different kinds of issues with their folds. That happens because their wrinkles are moist and dark, in other words, they are the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. If you regularly clean your French bulldog folds, you’ll also prevent to keep his eyes clean and free from debris and bacteria. By their often checking, you’ll also avoid some serious skin issues and infection occurrence. The best product for cleaning dark spots beneath Frenchie’s eyes is a tear stain remover, a simple alcohol-free baby wet wipe or a soft cloth dipped in warm water.


Some greedy eaters Frenchies may have more dirt beneath their wrinkles, so if you have an issue with their cleaning, you can use baby soap or shampoo that will not irritate his gentle skin. Since French bulldogs have extremely sensitive skin, it’s very important to use PH neutral bathing products.

After every cleaning your dog’s face, always make sure that you have removed all the moisture, since it may lead to an infection. On the other hand, if you left your Frenchie’s folds too dry, it will cause serious irritation and rashes. In that case, you can put some Vaseline inside those folds after you previously washed them well. It’s extremely important to keep wrinkles and folds clean and dry because those areas collect most dirt from eating and snuffling.

What to do if your French bulldog got an infection?

The first thing you need to know is that cleaning your dog’s infected folds may be very painful. An infection may be displayed by a number of symptoms such as an unpleasant odor, dry or itchy infected area, redness, crusty sores or scabs, bacteria, slimy skin, and inflammation. In case of infection, inflamed areas need to be daily cleaned and treated with a topical rash cream. Baby diaper rash creams can be also of great help, as well as baby powders.

french bulldog wrinkle care

If your Frenchie has got a severe infection, your vet may also prescribe him a mixture of antibiotics or other antibiotic gel products. The right time for cleaning your pet’s folds and wrinkles would be the time when he’s calm and relaxed (especially after a long walk). Cleaning dog’s folds should become his ordinary daily routine when he will patiently sit (you can do that by giving him a treat). It’s needless to say that a dog should have a positive association with his folds cleaning. When you reward your four-legged friend with a treat, he will know what to expect every time he sees a wet wipe or a towel, so he’ll get used to that habit.

Besides previously mentioned tips, for caring your Frenchie’s folds you can also use petroleum jelly and cornstarch. Take a tiny amount of petroleum jelly and apply it beneath your dog’s folds by using a clean cotton ball for each fold. In order to keep your dog’s folds dry, you can use cornstarch by sprinkling it in each fold, but take care it doesn’t clump ‘cause it may also lead to irritation.

How to prevent skin fold pyodermas?

Maybe you won’t believe us, but the main step of keeping your dog’s folds under control is simple weight control. If you’re the owner of a greedy Frenchie, it’s time to stay cold heart every time he gives you a sad puppy look while you’re eating. Even a few pounds may lead to an increase in his body folds.

Every dog owner should always keep in mind that prevention is the best medicine for any kind of issue, so it’s of great importance to provide your Frenchie proper care from the very beginning. These little lap warmers depend only on you and despite the fact they may look tough on the outside, the truth is that they spread good vibes wherever appear. Enjoy spending time with your pooch ‘cause nothing can replace such an experience!

We recommend the French Bulldog Secrets guide for a complete how-to manual on frenchie care.