How Often Should I Clean My French Bulldog?

How often should you clean your French bulldog? It is a question that has haunted dog owners for years. From their short coat to the fact they love rolling around in dirt and dust, dogs tend to get dirty very quickly if left unattended! So how does one go about determining when it is time for an icky bath or just picking up after them with wipes here and there throughout the day?! It can be hard wearing on your patience while trying to make this decision but don’t worry we have come prepared with some tips below!

It is a common misconception that French bulldogs are all about the dirt. In reality, they actually have sensitive skin which means your pup needs to be cleaned regularly!

What factors affect the frequency of cleaning your Frenchie?

First of all, there is no prescribed rule for all dogs because it much depends on their lifestyles. It means that in case you own an active Frenchie that likes to jump, roll, sniff and get dirty while eating, you’ll need to do it on a daily basis. On the other hand, it also depends on your dog’s sebaceous glands. They serve to provide their skin with over needed moist and oils. However, if your pooch’s glands produce body oils in an excessive amount so that his body becomes smelly, it’s advisable to clean it more often.

Why is bathing and cleaning important for your French bulldog?

Everyone deserves to get the appropriate hygiene, even your Frenchie. Cleaning will not only remove all potential allergens from their fur but can also help prevent skin conditions like eczema or general allergies! It’s well known that they represent one of the main culprits for Frenchie’s allergy. Therefore, the regular grooming and cleaning a dog’s coat with baby wet wipes and wet towel can much prevent him from inflamed and itchy skin. 

French Bulldog Dry Cleaning Foam Shampoo is another solution for keeping your batpig’s coat clean and fresh. Cleaning is not what someone likes to do. I mean hey, it’s a drag, right? But with this nifty foam, you’ll be getting your pet all ready for those party pictures in plenty of time! It has natural ingredients and smells amazing. Massage the dog with proper proportion, and then gently wipe them down afterwards once you’ve knocked off any extra grime.

 When we talk about French bulldog bathing, it’s certainly not recommended to do it often. Vets usually recommend bathing once or twice a month (it again depends on your dog). It’s true that today’s shampoos are specially made for delicate skin however, by bathing your four-legged friend frequently, you are making his coat dull and dry. Unfortunately, in some cases, it may even lead to excessive hair fall and dry scalp. 

The bottom line says that a French bulldog’s coat needs to be washed as needed. So, if your furry friend often makes a mess that can’t be cleaned so easy, and he spends a lot of time outside, here it comes the water!

What body parts require special cleaning?

Luckily, frenchies have a short one-layered coat that doesn’t shed much. However, their other body parts need to be regularly cleaned as well. Frenchie’s unique appearance makes him have uniquely-tailored cleaning. It includes regular folds, tail pocket, eyes, and teeth care.

Depending on your dog’s coat quality you need to decide the frequency of brushing. It’s advisable to brush a Frenchie only once a week by using a soft brush or a brush glove. The glove is especially suitable for reaching all body bends.


Cleaning your French bulldog’s folds can be a tedious task. It is extremely important to keep them clean, so they don’t become infected or smelly. The most common way owners do this is by using baby wet wipes. You can also put a cornstarch powder inside each fold after the area has been cleaned with soap and water. As we all know, pups enjoy rolling in stinky things like other dogs’ poop. That’s why it’s extremely important to pay attention to these body parts.


For the love of all living things, please don’t step on my little friend’s paws! In order to avoid that unfortunate event from happening again and making your pup uncomfortable in their steps (or worse), make sure you wipe down those dirty footprints before they step into the house. You can use warm water first then follow up with soap or even paw cleanser so it’ll be easier for them to get clean easily without feeling any discomfort along the way. Oh yea, also remember not to forget about between their toes as well because we know how much dirt gets there after playing outside.


Your French bulldog’s teeth are one of the most important features on his body, and it is your responsibility to keep them healthy. One way you can do this is by brushing their teeth regularly! This will help remove plaque that could form a cavity over time without being cleaned off.

Brushing may take some getting used to for both parties involved in order to avoid any unpleasantries during the process (you know how dogs don’t like people touching their mouths). If you’re not keen about trying out dental sticks or treats as an alternative, there’s always good old-fashioned toothpaste which has been proven effective at preventing more serious problems down the road when paired with regular brushing sessions too!

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