How Do You Bathe A French Bulldog?

French bulldog bathing is one of the most important care routines that you need to learn. Since many dogs can feel frightened of baths, it’s essential to take small steps when introducing your pet to this routine. As a Frenchie owner, you need to know that these pooches have ‘hidden spots’ on their bodies that require special attention. Read on, and find out how to bathe a French bulldog.

french bulldog bathing

How often should you bathe a French bulldog?

Although there is no a prescribed rule that will relieve you of how often should you bathe your Frenchie, the most common practice is to do it once or twice a month. The frequency of baths depends not only on the season but also on your dog’s lifestyle.

During the shedding season, your Frenchie will need to be groomed and bathed more than usual. You can groom his coat twice a week with a grooming glove or brush that features waxed pins. By bathing your Frenchie, you’ll help him get rid not only of dirt and dander but also of dead hair.

On the other hand, your Frenchie’s lifestyle will have a great influence on the frequency of baths. In other words, if your pooch adores rolling in the grass and mud when going to strolls, then you certainly can’t bathe him only once a month. Therefore, a general rule for performing baths is when your dog gets dirty, or becomes smelly.

What shampoo to choose for a French bulldog?

Since Frenchies have sensitive skin, you shouldn’t use shampoos with too many chemicals and fragrances. My advice is to choose a hypoallergenic dog shampoo that is free of parabens. The following SOS Natural French Bulldog Shampoo is enriched with Aloe Vera, Olive oil, and other natural ingredients that provide a soothing effect. The shampoo is tested by Royal Veterinary College, University of London.

Another product that can help you to keep your French bulldog’s coat smooth, silky, and fresh is the following French Bulldog Dry Cleaning Foam Shampoo. It can be used between baths when your dog gets a well-known ‘dog odor’.



How to bathe a French bulldog?

Facial folds

French bulldogs have numerous folds on their bodies, especially on their heads. It means that you should pay special attention to those hidden spots and thoroughly clean them from dirt, moist, and food leftovers. If you don’t clean them, your Frenchie’s folds can become red, inflamed, and develop an infection.

Tail pocket

Unlike other dogs, French bulldogs have tail pockets instead of tails. They should be cleaned daily, especially after going to the potty. To clean that spots, you can use wet baby wipes or a wet cloth. If the spot became inflamed, here is what you can do:

  • Cut the fur around the infected area.
  • Wash the area with antiseptic soap and disinfect it with povidone-iodine. You can pour a few drops on a cotton pad and gently smear it over the inflamed skin.
  • To help your dog release the pain, you can apply a clean wet cloth to the inflamed spot.
  • Applying corticosteroid and antibiotic creams can quickly solve the problem, however, you shouldn’t use them before you previously consult with your vet.

French bulldog’s ears

French bulldog’s pointy ears are prone to collecting debris. Since they are wide opened, you should daily check if plant pieces or some other element got stuck. To keep them healthy and clean, I suggest you use the following Spirit French Bulldog Ear Cleaner. It reduces itching, removes excess hair, and prevents infections.

french bulldog bathing

Tips on how to bathe a Frenchie:

  • Use pleasantly warm water for bathing. Make sure the water is not too hot.
  • Gently massage your dog’s fur with a shampoo. You can use our Gentle Silicone Dog Shampoo Brush during baths because the soft pins will help you get rid of the dead hair and dander.
  • Do not splash your Frenchie’s head and don’t let the shampoo enter his eyes and ears.
  • Rinse the shampoo, and use our Frenchie World® Special microfiber towel to absorb the water. Using a hair-dryer is not allowed because it will dry out the dog’s skin.
  • Make fun during baths and use our French Bulldog Bath Distraction Feeding Lick Mat if your pooch feels frightened of water. 
  • On a hot summer day, your dog would enjoy having a bath with Frenchie World® 360 Dog Washer. You just need to connect it with a standard hose and make fun in the yard.