How Can I Keep My French Bulldog Healthy?

If you’ve just brought your lovely Frenchie puppy home, then you probably have lots of questions going through your mind. The topic ‘How Can I Keep My French Bulldog Healthy‘ is one of the first and most important tasks every owner should accomplish. Therefore, I will provide you with the best tips on how to keep your French bulldog in good shape and healthy.

How Can I Keep My Frenchie Healthy And In Good Shape?

Frenchies come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Regardless of whether you own a mini Frenchie or a regular-sized one, they all have the same features – numerous folds and cropped tails.

Folds and tail cleaning

Those are the places where they can collect lots of dirt and food leftovers. Therefore, to keep these body parts free of bacterial infections, it’s essential to clean them daily. You can perform the cleaning with baby wet wipes because they are free of alcohol. They are usually rich in oils and won’t dry out the skin. A clean wet cloth is another solution.

French bulldog’s cropped tail requires to be regularly cleaned of feces because there’s one hidden place called the tail pocket. It can easily become red and itchy which can be the perfect place for bacterial growth.

 Choose the appropriate nutrition for French bulldogs

French bulldogs may suffer from food allergies, so that’s why is important to choose food that is free of by-products, and artificial colors. It is actually one of the most important ways to keep your French bulldog healthy.

Consider feeding your batpig with real food such as chicken breast meat, beef, salmon, and turkey. Here you can check the list of the best French bulldog food brands.

 If your french bulldog suffers from severe food allergies, then you should consider switching to the BARF diet for French bulldogs. It includes feeding a dog with raw meat and boiled and fresh veggies. It’s certainly one of the best ways to make sure that your dog is eating completely natural and high-quality food.

French bulldog ear cleaning

Since Frenchies have wide-opened bat ears, it’s essential to daily check them if there is a plant stuck or dirt inside of the ear. I recommend you to use the following Spirit French Bulldog Ear Cleanerâ„¢.

The first step includes cleaning the ear with a sterile cotton ball, and then to apply the French bulldog ear cleaner. The powder helps in preventing itchiness, otitis, and deafness.



Nail trimming

The next step in keeping your French bulldog healthy is to regularly cut his nails. In that way, you’ll improve your dog’s mobility and prevent him from ingrown nails. I recommend to all my clients to use the following Nail grooming tool because it’s completely painless and won’t make your dog scared.

Regular training is ‘a must’

We all know that French bulldogs belong to low energy breeds that quickly get tired when they are exposed to physical exertions. That’s why is essential to take them to regular strolls to keep them away from obesity. Be careful when giving your pooch treats, because French bulldogs can become overweight quickly.

If you want to reward your dog, my advice is to detach a certain amount of food from his daily meals for rewarding.


French bulldogs in hot weather – not a good combination

Since Frenchies have brachycephalic skulls, they don’t do well in hot weather. Their short nostrils aren’t capable to cool off the air they inhale, so that’s why is important not to take them for strolls during the hottest part of the day. A Frenchie would be pleased to spend the summer in an air conditioned room where the temperature doesn’t cross 25 c.

However, since you sometimes can’t escape going outside in the hot weather, you should consider using summer essentials for your Frenchie. Summer-cooling bandana or a Summer vest can help a lot in dealing with overheating.

French bulldogs in the winter- a special caution

Just like in the summer, Frenchies also require special care during winter. Besides protecting their paws by wearing dog boots, these little batpigs need an extra layer to escape hypothermia. A well-padded winter jacket or a jumpsuit will help a lot in keeping your French bulldog healthy.

 French bulldog paw care

Frenchies’ paws do a lot for their bodies. They play the main role in keeping their body temperature in optimal ranges because paws are the only spots where dogs can sweat. To make your French bulldog’s paws silky and smooth, I recommend you to use the following Frenchie World Paw Protection Stick.

It is rich in almond oil, coconut oil, and beeswax that are safe ingredients if your dog tries to lick his paws. These ingredients make their paws hydrated, smooth and release itchiness.

Choosing the right French bulldog bed

You might be wondering how can a dog bed help in keeping your French bulldog healthy. Well, choosing the right bed for a Frenchie can affect a lot the dog’s body development. Inexperienced dog owners often think that a dog bed is just a bed. However, the truth is quite different. You should take into account not only your dog’s size but also his sleeping habits when buying one for your pooch.

Frenchies need to sleep in warm dog house during cold months. In that way you’ll help them stay away from feeling cold. In warmer months, you can teach your little gremlin to sleep on self-cooling beds. They are filled with sort of gel that can help a dog to cool off.

Another thing to consider when buying a bed for Frenchies is their tendency to suffer from separation anxiety. Since anxious dogs tend to search for confined place to have a rest, dog house might sound like the best solution.