Harness or Collar for the French Bulldog- which one is better?

As a dog owner, we bet you’ve wondered at least once whether you should choose a collar or a harness for your French bulldog. It definitely can be tricky to decide since there’s a huge choice on the market. By considering your dog’s age, breed and habits, you’ll be halfway in making a final decision. However, it’s always good to become informed about all the pros and cons of using a harness or a collar.

When to buy a dog collar for your Frenchie?

Dog collars are recommended for French bulldogs that don’t like the feeling that harness provides. On the other hand, they’re very practical and easy for setting a leash. There’s a huge variety of designs, so your lovely frogdog may look very stylish while wearing it. However, collars are not ideal for training. If your doggie likes to pull when going for a walk, collars increase the possibility of neck injuries. And…that’s not all! By using a dog collar, your Frenchie may develop eye pressure. Besides all the previously mentioned facts, collars are a great choice for putting a dog’s name tag. The following Professional French Bulldog harness provides your dog with support to his whole body and helps in maintaining proper walking.



When to buy a dog harness for your frenchie?

If we compare the benefits of a collar and harness, a harness is a much better choice. Dog harnesses are great tools for teaching your furry friend how to behave on a leash. It certainly provides better control to owners. By using a dog harness you can be sure that it will be kept away from certain injuries. It’s the especially good fit for smaller dog breeds and breeds that are prone to different respiratory problems. Dogs with shortened nostrils belong to this category. Unlike collars, doggie harnesses don’t provide a choke-feeling.

Should you use both harness and collar?

The answer is-YES! Your dog always needs to wear a collar with a name tag on it. Note that you can’t predict certain situations and know if your dog will accidentally get out of the house or escape from the leash. Teaching your dog the right behaviour is ‘a must’, however, no one knows how it’ll act in a certain situation. Every responsible dog owner should keep in mind that collar is primarily intended for keeping a name tag, while the harness disperses pressure over a larger area of your Frenchie’s body. It reduces the strain on your fellow’s neck and back.

The following Personalized Engraved French bulldog collar is specially made to provide your Frenchie not only with style but also to keep him safe.

With our Laser Engraved Custom Personalized Voile Dog Collar, the best of both worlds collide to create a super good looking dog collar, with all your dog’s important info engraved right onto the buckle!

Remember to leave us your dog’s name and your phone number after placing an order, otherwise, we’ll send a blank collar.

 This stylish harness is perfect for nervous dogs since it doesn’t go over their head. It’s also great for people with reduced hand mobility since it secures with a hook & loop closure! Your dog will look more fashionable than ever while staying secure and comfortable in our Rhinestone SOFT Dog Harness & Leash set.

Simply have your pet step in the leg holes and encircle your pet with the cushiony comfort. The double hook and loop tape tabs are easy and secure. The nickel-plated double D-rings are reinforced into the strong nylon webbing to provide a sturdy leash attachment. 

The breathable suede leather is soft and comfy and perfect for use in warm-weather conditions. Its soft neckline eliminates pressure points.

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