French Bulldog Vomiting? The Solution!

Does your French bulldog vomit and you don’t know what could be the reason for such condition? We need to take this problem seriously because chronic vomiting can leave severe issues to your dog’s health. Has your dog started vomiting today or is it a chronic condition? Has it been going on for weeks? 

french bulldog vomiting

The reasons for your French bulldog’s vomiting

Unfortunately, Frenchies can’t tell us if something bothers them and if they got into something. We have to do a little detective work! Let’s consider what your vet may ask you.

  • When did the vomiting start?
  • Did your Frenchie vomit food or bile?
  • Was the dog gagging or wretching with no substances?
  • Have you noticed that your dog chewed on any plants? Puppies will eat almost anything because they’ve just started to introduce with the world.
  • Does your Frenchie refuse to eat?

Environmental changes should also be considered or if there were any toxins or chemicals near your dog. 

Dietary changes are another aspect to consider. French bulldogs are known for their sensitive digestive systems. They often show an allergy to oily food rich in by-products. Food rich in chicken skin, eggs, and dairy products should also be avoided.

Switching to another diet can also trigger your French bulldog vomiting. Did you recently give your dog some new treats of table scraps? Do your batpig enjoy chewing some plastic kinds of stuff and toys? These are all very important questions. Other question your vet might ask you include your dog’s age and lifestyle.

Bloodwork can be very valuable in diagnosing conditions such as pancreatitis, liver disease, kidney failure, toxins such as antifreeze. Additional testing such as ultrasound may also be recommended. If your dog has a bacteria in his stool, you vet will prescribe him the appropriate antibiotic treatment.

Chronic vomiting in Frenchies can last for a few weeks. People often don’t call their vet because a dog usually vomits a couple of times in the first week and acts normally. However, it can present an underlying issue so that’s why I advise you to contact your vet immediately.

How to take care of a vomiting French bulldog?

1. Keep your dog hydrated

The goal is to hydrate and not to induce further vomiting. You can allow your pooch to drink approximately 50ml of water every hour. 

2. Keep the food away

When your dog starts vomiting, it’s a clear indication that something has upset his stomach. To stop further vomiting, it’s good to enforce food fasting for 12-24h hours. I advise you to hand feed your pooch by giving him boiled rice (approximately 200gr of boiled rice a day).

3. Give your Frenchie bland food

After the 24h of enforced fasting have elapsed, it’s fine to feed your Frenchie. Instead of introducing your pooch to his normal diet, I recommend starting with bland food. Don’t give your furry friend food rich in fat such as oily, fish or red meat. For example, you can feed your doggie with boiled rice, carrots and chicken breast (without skin and bones). Gradually increase the portions to escape the load on the stomach.

4. Transitioning from bland food to a normal diet

Now when you’ve been administering your dog vomiting treatment, it’s time to transition your pet to a normal diet.

french bulldog vomiting

5. Observe your dog for other symptoms

As a dog owner, it’s important to observe your canine even after he has resumed eating his normal diet. By doing so, you’ll be able to find out if there are any underlying issues. Dog vomiting can be a sign of serious sickness and poisoning.

To be on a safe side, I advise you to visit your vet from the moment you’ve realized your dog’s constantly vomiting.

Special note

If your Frenchie is a greedy eater that eats fast, I recommend you to prevent him from choking by buying the following Anti-Choke feeding bowl.

It features a rotating bone in the middle that makes your dog work for his food. 

Check if your French bulldog got a heatstroke

Since French bulldogs belong to brachycephalic breeds, I advise you to take special attention on how to prevent them from getting a heatstroke. During summer months, your pooch can drool, pant, and vomit if spends time in high temperatures. Read our article on how to prevent heatstroke in your French bulldog.