French Bulldog Shedding and How To Prevent It?

It’s true that we all love our dogs, however, finding their hair on carpets, furniture and clothes are something that doesn’t thrill us at all. Unlike other dog breeds, French bulldogs don’t shed much but it doesn’t mean they don’t require regular grooming.

french bulldog shedding

How to keep a French bulldog shedding under control?

Frenchies are famous for their smooth, shiny and short coats. They are considered for the best dogs for apartment living conditions and don’t require much exercise.

Pay attention to your dog’s nutrition

As a French bulldog owner, you are probably aware of the fact that diet pretty much affects the quality of their coats. Eating food rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids help their hair to look brilliant. 

Besides including fish in your dog’s diet, I also advise you to choose healthy fruit snacks instead of giving him a commercial type. Fruits rich in antioxidants such as blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries can help your pooch in immune system building. 

Regular grooming

For keeping your French bulldog shedding under control, I advise you to groom his or her fur once a week. It’s nothing strange to see your Frenchie releasing excessive hair in spring and summer because it’s the time when he doesn’t need it. However, in order to help him to remove dead hair, I advise you to use the Frenchie World silicone brush glove.

In my opinion, grooming gloves are great picks for reaching all body parts on your batpig’s body. They are completely harmless and will not make any discomfort in your dog. 

Frenchie World Dog Brush Glove

The following silicone glove simply catches your Frenchie’s dead hair like a magnet. It’s very practical for use and can be washed in lukewarm water. I am sure your furry friend will like it because at the same time it provides your pooch with a relaxing massage. 

Another great thing is that the glove is perfectly suitable for bathing too. You can put shampoo on the glove and gently massage your dog’s wet coat.

 Choosing the right shampoo for your French bulldog

Frenchies are known for their sensitive skin. Therefore, I advise you to always choose a shampoo for sensitive skin. Hypo-allergenic dog shampoos always present a better solution than regular ones.  I don’t recommend you buying baby shampoos because Frenchies’ shampoos need to have different ph balance. 

The following Microfiber Pet Bath Towel is great for absorbing water from your furry gremlin’s fur after bathing. It can even serve you as a great help for cleaning your dog’s dirty paws every time you get back from a walk. 

A specialized knitting process allows for ultra-fast absorption when drying your pet using Frenchie World® Super absorbent microfiber towel and cuts drying time by more than half.

Wet fur is a poor insulator and as such causes, dogs to lose heat quickly. So it’s very important to get your dog dry quickly. Frenchie World® Super absorbent microfiber towel will do the trick.

When we talk about finding natural products for your dog’s coat, I always advise my clients to spray their French bulldog’s fur with Coconut oil. Coconut oil is rich in antioxidants and is famous for anti-inflammatory effects. By regular spaying a Coconut Oil (once a week) on your furry friend’s hair, you’ll prevent him from itchiness and dry skin as well. It’s great even for treating a Yeast infection in dogs. 

How to save your furniture for a dog’s hair?

Since you can’t stop your French bulldog to shed because it’s a natural process, I advise you to save your furniture in a different way. Frenchie World Breathable Sofa Mat can be only one of the solutions. 

By using this mat, your Frenchie can freely lie down next to you.  Pinsonic quilting is a thread-free, durable method of electronically bonding the water-resistant fabric with ultrasonic heat; no holes are sewn maximizing water resistance. The machine washable cover is easily secured with no-fuss cushion anchors and sturdy elastic bands.

Frenchie World® Breathable Sofa Mat helps keep pet hair, moisture, and little pet accidents off your furniture. 

 What to do if a Frenchie sheds excessively?

When we talk about French bulldog’s excessive shedding, there is always an underlying problem that needs to be revealed. It could be your dog’s potential allergy, inappropriate nutrition and a number of other problems. If you noticed that your dog starts to lose hair, I advise you to immediately take him or her to the vet. Here is the list of possible issues that cause your French bulldog’s excessive shedding:

– Medication

– Sunburns

– Allergy

– Inappropriate nutrition

– Yeast infection

– Bacterial infection

– Pest bites

– Stress

– Shampoo 

– Hormonal disbalance