French Bulldog Red And Swollen Paws! What To Do?

If you’ve noticed that your French bulldog has red and swollen paws, it’s high time to help your pet and discover the root of the problem. Besides, using the appropriate care products and regularly checking those tiny body parts should also become your dog’s regular routine. Let’s find out what could be the triggers for your French bulldog’s paw issues. 

french bulldog red and swollen paws

French bulldog red and swollen paws- What could be the reasons?

French bulldog red and swollen paws are the symptoms of a condition called Pododermatitis. Pododermatitis in French Bulldogs can be caused by an allergy, hormonal disorder, immune mediated diseases, cancers, or environmental allergens.

Since these symptoms can grow into a severe issue, it’s recommended to see a vet who will ask you the following questions. By answering to these questions, you’ll be closer to determining the root of the issue.

1- How does your French bulldog’s diet look like? What are the predominant ingredients?

2- Does your frenchie suffer from red and swollen paws seasonally or it’s a year-round problem?

3- Does your dog have any lesions elsewhere on his body?

4- Have your Frenchie traveled to a new environment that is different from his?

5- Does your dog suffer from a specific illness?

6- Does your pet take any drugs?

What are the clinical signs of French bulldog red and swollen paws?

Clinical signs of this condition are associated with different causes.

Allergy in French bulldogs

Your dog may be allergic to a certain ingredient from his diet. therefore, you should consult with your vet and tell him what does your dog eat. Is his diet rich in carbohydrates or by-products? Well, those could be only some of the reasons for French bulldog red and swollen paws. Besides, a dog can show itchy behavior elsewhere on his body, so you’d better observe his overall behavior.

 Paw infection- Pododermatitis

 If your dog’s paws stink, and have yellow or brown discharge, then he has definitely developed an infection. Your vet will take a swab and perform testing to determine if your dog got a bacterial or fungal infection. Besides using topical creams, using antibiotic therapy is needed too.

Immune-mediated disease

This type of French bulldog red and swollen paws can be induced by an immune-mediate condition where the dog develops scabs, lesions, and occasional blisters to all 4 paws. Thickening of the of the paw pads and darkening is also present.

 Environmental allergens

Frenchies can show paw allergy if they walk on a terrain that triggers the infection. It can be the house cleaning product you use for floor cleaning, seasonal pollen in the grass, or dust. In that case, you should carefully observe your dog’s body language to determine the trigger.

French bulldog red and swollen paws- What is the solution?

Use a French bulldog paw balm

Dog paw balms can be used in mild cases of red paws. They are rich in olive oil, almond oil, beeswax and other powerful ingredients that soothe and heal cracked and itchy skin. The following SOS Paw Balm for French bulldogs is designed to protect your dog’s paws from hazards, cold or hot pavements, injuries, and infection.


 Another product that will help your pooch to deal with crusts, and redness is the Natural French Bulldog Paw Balm.

It features natural beeswax, soy bean oil, olive oil, Wheat germ oil, vitamin E, and grapeseed oil. 

Corticosteroids only prescribed by vet

Don’t use corticosteroids if your vet didn’t tell you to use it. Using corticosteroid creams can cause only bigger problems if you use them on an untreated bacterial infection.

Topical creams on natural basis

One of the best natural products to use for reducing inflammation and itchiness is the Coconut cold-pressed oil. Besides, you can ask your vet to tell you what other creams you can use to decrease itchiness.

Antibiotic therapy

Antibiotic therapy is a must if a dog has developed an infection. However, it shouldn’t be used before a smear testing.

 Use dog footwear as a mechanical protection

If you’ve determined that your French bulldog has red and swollen paws due to environmental allergy, it’s recommended to use dog boots or socks when going for a stroll. Besides, you can also use them indoors too to stop your Frenchie from excessive licking and chewing the paws.