French Bulldog Puppy For Sale- How To Choose The Best One?

Finding a French bulldog puppy for sale is a big moment in the life of every future dog owner. It requires spending a certain time in searching for a reputable breeder that will ensure you that the Frenchie you want to buy is healthy.

When we talk about the French bulldog breed, I recommend all future owners to carefully make research. In the end, you’re not just adding a dog into your family. You’re adding a family member that will stay by your side for the next 10-15 years. Dog ownership requires a serious commitment. Therefore, it’s essential not to rush when searching for a French bulldog puppy for sale.

What to ask a breeder when buying a French bulldog puppy?

Ask to meet the puppy’s parents

By meeting your dog’s parents, you’ll be able to get the ‘picture’ of how your Frenchie will look as grown. Do they look healthy? How do their coats look like? Are they scrawny or overweight? These are only some facts to consider. Observing their behavior will also relieve if the kennel where you want to buy a Frenchie is properly socialized. Do the Frenchies act aggressively or friendly toward strangers?

french bulldog puppy for sale

Ask for a dog’s health history

Finding a French bulldog puppy for sale at a cheap price might sound attractive but it won’t end up well. This breed requires to go through different health checks and to be carefully selected. Frenchies can’t mate in a traditional way, so it’s an extra cost for a breeder. Besides going through artificial insemination, Frenchie dams require detailed prenatal and postnatal care.

That’s why is essential to ask a breeder to ensure that the parents have no genetic diseases common to this breed.

Did the Frenchie puppy get all the shots?

Getting a shot-schedule of vaccinations from a breeder is important for many reasons. You can check on the AKC website which vaccinations do puppies need.

Do you get a health guarantee?

Unlike many breeders that don’t provide you with any kind of guarantee, Frenchie World kennel, headed by a French bulldog breeder Aleksandar Gligoric a.k.a. Alex the Great, gives you a lifetime guarantee. We are committed to shipping our gorgeous puppies anywhere in the world. Regardless of whether you search to buy a French bulldog puppy for in New York or anywhere else, our kennel makes everything possible.

Our shipping price is 750$ per puppy. Since Frenchies can’t fly in cargo, this price includes a nanny that will travel with your soon-to-be family member.

French bulldog puppy for sale- Meet the Frenchie World Kennel

The Frenchie World kennel is based in Serbia, Europe. We successfully breed Frenchies for over 20 years and so far, we sent them to over 20 countries worldwide. Since Frenchie World is the biggest French bulldog community in the world, it has also been featured in New York Times magazine. We are also very proud to say that our puppies found their homes besides celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon, Forest Whitaker, Jamie Foxx, and many others.

In case you want to find a healthy French bulldog puppy for sale, you can contact us here.