French Bulldog Pregnancy Revealing

There’s no greater happiness for dog breeders and owners than knowing their lovely Frenchie female will soon become a mom. It’s a fact both owner and a dog take a long way and make a lot of efforts to get to that lovely stage. Unfortunately, many people think puppy birth is a natural process in all dogs. However, the truth is that things go quite different in French bulldogs.

french bulldog pregnancy

The first thing every dog owner needs to do when stepping into this huge life chapter is preparing a female pooch for pregnancy. French bulldog pregnancy requires certain nutritional changes, as well as many other steps.

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How long does the Frenchie’s pregnancy last?

From the moment of mating until the onset of labor French bulldog mom carries puppies for 9 weeks or exactly 63 days. However, the puppy birth in Frenchies is often performed earlier. Since Frenchie females aren’t capable to have a naturally occurred birth due to their narow hips, performing a C-section is over needed. Dog owners/breeders don’t wait for the last days of the pregnancy period because if the puppy delivery starts, it may turn out to be fatal. The puppies’ shoulder size is bigger than the dam’s birth canal so the puppies can get stuck. 

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 When is the right time?

French bulldog owners always care about the question of whether or not the time has come. The most reliable method of diagnosis is ultrasound, which should be performed approximately three weeks after mating. Ultrasound will also discover how many puppies the dam carries. It’s also good to mention-the fewer puppies a Frenchie dam expects, the better the circumstances for the dog.

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When we talk about behavior in pregnant French bulldogs, we must admit they have something in common with women. In other words, they’re all the same. Both female dogs and women experience certain changes in mood during pregnancy. One moment your lovely four-legged girl may act sweet and lovable, and then in 3 minutes she may become aggressive . Due to this reason it’s not advisable to leave a pregnant Frenchie unsupervised with kids. During pregnancy, female batpigs also hate being touched to their ‘full bellies’, so you’d better avoid it. 

french bulldog pregnancy behavior


Nutrition takes an important role in French bulldog pregnancy. Therefore, it’s highly advisable to provide your batpig with food that has a higher percentage of meat. That’s why most Frenchie owners choose a high-quality puppy food for their four-legged girls. Feeding the dam with byproducts may develop serious allergies, and it’s the last thing you want to happen. Since your pregnant piglet’s belly grows day by day, it would be better to feed her in multiple small meals during the day. In that way, she’ll have enough room for her babies and will escape stomach gases and pains.