French Bulldog Personality And Temperament

In case you’ve already made a decision that Frenchie should become your new family member, there are a lot of facts you need to know about this gorgeous breed. French bulldog personality and temperament will take an important place when you decide to share the same living place. That’s why it’s extremely important to take into account all the characteristics before you decide to buy a French bulldog puppy.


What to expect from a French bulldog personality?

So far, you’ve probably heard lots of good things about French bulldogs. The easy fit any kind of environment and type of family. Whether you live with your partner, alone, or in a big family, a Frenchie will know how to deal with everyone.

‘Forget on spending time alone when you live with a Frenchie’

Does this sentence sound cruel to you? Well, it’s not exactly like that! Since French bulldogs belong to companion breeds, they will always beg for attention and would like to be involved in their owners’ lives. By searching through history, you’ll find out that these furry piglets served as loyal companions to Nottingham lacemakers. They used to travel with them all the way to France! That’s why Frenchies are also known as Velcro dogs.

 While most dog breeds were created for work purposes, Frenchies were created to serve as human friends.

 In case you started to notice that your dog starts feeling anxious every time you are preparing to walk out the door, I suggest you take him/her with you.

 French bulldog backpack carriers present a great solution for puppies that haven’t been taught spending time alone at home.

You can use them when you need to finish several errands. They are also very practical when you go traveling, hiking or in case your pooch got injured.
However, to prevent issues in time, I recommend every future Frenchie owner to pay special attention to early socialization.

French bulldog personality with other dogs

Generally speaking, if a Frenchie is properly socialized, he/she will act friendly with other dogs and people. Vets and behavior specialists recommend starting socializing a puppy from his/her 6th week of life. It implies allowing him/her to sniff the home items and introducing him/her with the outside world. The sound of traffic, scents of plants and other animals should become part of his daily life.

In case you want your dog to become properly socialized, I advise you to involve him/her in all your activities. It means that he/she needs to meet your friends, other dogs, and to become a part of all your life routines.

 French bulldog personality and kids

There’s no better team than French bulldogs and kids. These furry piglets are ready to clown around all day long just to make their youngest family members happy. They are very friendly toward kids especially in case they grow together from an early age. 

 Frenchies act like loyal protectors and would never leave their human kid to play alone. However, parents also need to pay attention when their kids start to rough play. Frenchies don’t like that! Otherwise, you can expect him/her to show aggression. 

 How to teach a French bulldog to spend time alone?

 Using different interactive toys can mean a lot not only to your dog’s intelligence but also for keeping him/her entertained. French bulldog toys serve to encourage his/her mind to work for food. At the same time, after time spent in playing, your batpig will feel pleasantly tired and will not have energy and will to make messes in the house.

Here you’ll find a great assortment of French bulldog toys for your little gremlin.