How to Protect Your French Bulldog’s Paws During The Summer Season?

As summer temperatures begin to rise, many pet parents forget to take care of their dogs’ paws. Even though those tiny body parts can sustain walking on different terrains, we have to pay special attention to their soft and spongy paw pads. Your French bulldog’s paw pads are made to be able to take the pressure. On the other hand, they are also very susceptible to wear and tear when walking on hot terrains. That’s why we want to provide you with the best tips on how to take care of those tiny body parts during the summer season.

Signs of burned paws in French bulldogs

The dog’s paw pads are the only place where our pooches can sweat. They do a lot for their bodies and help them discover the world. Therefore, we have to provide them with the right care throughout the year. The first sign of burned dog paws will be licking. Limping can also be one of the symptoms, as well as pink or red tissue exposed from underneath the outer layer.

If your pet has a visible burn on his pads and he licks them more than usual after a stroll, then you have to provide him with immediate treatment.

  • Avoid walks on hot concrete

Just imagine how you would feed to walk barefoot on hot concrete. Well, your dog will have the same feeling too. A shady park with grass will be the best choice to have a safe walk with your Frenchie, while shades of trees will prevent him from heatstroke. Heatstroke in French bulldogs is one of the biggest threats during the summer months, so you need to be very careful and choose the coolest parts of the day for strolls.

  • Choose the coolest parts of the day

This might seem like an obvious tip, but many people don’t take it seriously. To keep your Frenchie’s paws safe from burns, we recommend you take him outside early in the morning and late in the evening.

  • Moisturize your French bulldog’s paws

Just like you take care of your hands and feet, so must your dog get proper care of his paws. Dry dog’s paws will be susceptible to cracking, peeling, and cuts. They can also develop wounds that may progress into an infection and cause mobility issues in your pet.

As one of the best paw balms for French bulldogs, we suggest you check the following Paw protection stick. It is hypoallergenic, which is especially important to consider because they tend to suffer from allergies. This paw protection stick features natural and non-toxic ingredients such as olive oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax, VE, and lavender essential oil. It effectively relieves redness and swelling of the soles, rough skin, cracked soles, thickening and any sort of discomfort.


  • Wear dog socks

Dog socks or shoes are good way to protect your Frenchie’s paws from different harmful elements. Make sure the socks fit your Frenchies paws properly and that they feature a non-slipping sole for the best feeling. Dog shoes can be especially beneficial for senior French bulldogs who needs a traction support.


  • Apply Coconut or Olive oil on a burned French bulldog’s paws

Coconut and Olive oil are the best natural ingredients for healing burns, cracked, and dry skin. They can also be used for treating mild infections and cuts. Our recommendation is to smear one of these two oil to your dog’s paws during the night. 

  • Check and clean your dog’s paws frequently

The best prevention against French bulldog’s burned paws will be to clean and soothe them daily. Organic French Bulldog Nose & Paw Balm heals cracked dog’s nose, crusts, and hyperkeratosis. It can be used daily, and it features a mix of non-toxic oils. 



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