Get Ready For The Season 2020! Top 8 French Bulldog Outfits!


We can’t deny that French bulldogs are probably the most iconic-looking dogs in the world! Their wide-opened ears, piggy bodies, and smushed faces are something that catches everyone’s eye. Since most Frenchie owners adore to dress them in cute clothes, we decided to make a list of top 8 French bulldog outfits for this season! We are sure that no one will stay cold heart to see those cuddly bunches of fur dressed in these clothes!

Do French bulldogs need clothes?

Unlike other dog breeds, French bulldogs require wearing clothes both in cold and warm weather. It’s because their short muzzles make them prone to suffer both from overheating and hypothermia. It also should be noted that some French bulldogs are on a higher tendency to suffer from environmental allergies. In those cases, wearing clothes may help a lot because it covers the biggest part of their bodies – bellies and back. Seasonal pollen, dust, and mites are only some of the triggers that can cause itchiness and redness of the skin.
French bulldogs in hot weather should wear protective and cooling clothes that will help them to regulate their body temperature. Since their skin is sensitive too, it’s advisable to wear clothes as mechanical protection of the heat.
 When we talk about the winter season, Frenchies need to wear clothes too, and their flat skulls are one of the culprits. Since these dogs have short respiratory ducts, they are incapable to warm up the air they inhale. Other features that affect this occurrence are short legs and small bodies.

French bulldog outfits – What size do French bulldogs wear?

These pooches indeed have unique body postures. They have round bellies, short and muscular bodies, and thick necks that can present a problem when choosing the right size. That’s why is essential to measure your dog’s length of the body as well as the circumference of its neck and stomach. 
Luckily, our store sells clothes that perfectly fit the French bulldog breed. Each piece of Frenchie clothing that you can see in our shop was carefully selected to suit this breed. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the cut, but only about choosing the right size. That’s why we recommend you to follow our size charts before you order one.

Top 8 picks of French bulldog outfits in 2020

 Regardless of whether you are searching for a summer or winter Frenchie outfits, this list will help you decide. Besides dog hoodies, parkas, and jackets, you’ll find summer cooling items that will keep your Frenchie stay away from heatstroke. 


 French bulldog Duffs Hoodie

Made of 100% cotton, this Frenchie hoodie is perfect to wear on cozy spring and autumn days. The high cut will prevent your pup from potty messes, while the sporty pocket on a dog’s back makes the outfit special. The natural fabric and stretchability will make your dog comfy to wear it.


French bulldog Montone Jacket

Inspired by the human Montone jacket, your Frenchie may have an equally cool outfit this season. This Frenchie jacket is enough thick to keep your pet warm during winter. The inner part is padded by the faux sheep fur, while the outer part resembles the natural leather. 


French Bulldog Luxury Bomber Jackets

Inspired by the famous high couture human clothing brand, this Frenchie bomber jacket will make your pooch spotter wherever it appears. The jacket is unisex and is perfect to wear during the spring and autumn months. It is available in four designs and surely presents one of the best French bulldog outfits.


French Bulldog Swagger Leopard Coat

Leopard pattern never goes out of fashion! That’s why we think that your Frenchie deserves to own a piece of clothing inspired by this imperishable design. This Frenchie jacket is made of faux fur and is soft in touch. It is suitable to be worn in autumn and winter days when you want to make your pet both stylish and warm. It comes with a fancy hood and an extra pair of ears to fulfill the outfit! 


French Bulldog Glittery Waterproof Coat

From now on, your Frenchie can spend playful time outside on a rainy day! The jacket is waterproof and will keep your dog’s hair dry while having a stroll. The waterproof fabric is shiny, so it will make the outfit special.


French Bulldog Woof Hoodie 

Is your Frenchie a sports guy who is always up for a walk or playing fetch? Well, if the answer is Yes, then this hoodie will perfectly suit his vivacious personality. The hoodie is perfect to wear on breezy days when your dog needs an extra layer. The cotton blend is pleasant in touch and the high cut perfectly fit the Frenchie’s unique body size.

 Summer Cooling Vest

Since we need to pay special attention to our Frenchies’ tendency to hypothermia, we want to introduce you with the ultimate solution for spending a safe time outside during summer. Summer cooling clothes can help your dog to regulate his/her body temperature by protecting his skin at the same time.

This summer cooling vest for French bulldogs comes in practical packing when you want to put the item in the fridge to cool off before your dress your pooch. The only thing you need to do is to soak the vest in cold water, shake several times, and leave in a fridge for a few minutes. After you have dressed your Frenchie, you’ll notice that his body temperature will start to drop.

French Bulldog Batpig Sweater

Inspired by their cutest characteristic- bat ears, this Batpig sweater is definitely our favorite French bulldog outfits for the season 2020. It is lightweight and made of pleasant fabric that makes it great to wear during spring and autumn cozy days. The organic wool is known as one of the best thermal fabrics that keep body temperature in optimal ranges. Therefore, you can be sure that your four-legged friend will feel enough warm to walk outside. 

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