French Bulldog Grooming Tips and Tricks

Regular grooming is an important routine for all dog breed. It helps dogs to get rid of dead hair, allergens, and dander that can affect the appearance of their coats. When we talk about French bulldogs, they’re familiar for their smooth, shiny, and short coats. By performing a grooming routine, you’ll be able to notice any skin issue or parasite infestation and improve your Frenchie’s overall hygiene.

There is a common misconception that short-haired dogs don’t need to be groomed. Of course, it’s a misstatement because regardless of the breed, every pooch should get regular combing, bathing, nail trimming, and ear cleaning.

These are the most important rules when performing French bulldog grooming.

  • Brush your Frenchie’s coat

Even though Frenchies have thin and one-layered coats, they still require regular brushing once a week. During the shedding season, you can do it twice a week and the best tool to use on Frenchies is a Grooming glove. The following glove features soft silicone pins that don’t cause any sort of discomfort in your pet.  They don’t scratch the skin and will provide your pooch with a pleasant massage feeling.

  • Early teach your Frenchie to a grooming routine

It’s important to start teaching your pet to a grooming routine from the moment you bring it home. Younger dogs easier adapt to new things, however, it’s also important to teach your dog to enjoy grooming sessions. The key to success is to take things slowly and give lots of treats during brushing, trimming the nails, and bathing. That’s how your Frenchie will look forward to the next pampering session.

If your Frenchie is afraid of water, our suggestion is to use the following Bath licking Mat. You can smear a bit of peanut butter to the mat to distract your batpig’s attention during the bath.


Since Frenchies have wide-opened ears, it’s essential to daily check whether the plant piece or some other element got stuck in the ear. The first sign that your dog goes through an issue with ears is the itchy behavior. Besides, an infected ear can become smelly and even release yellow or brown discharge. It’s an alarming sign that your dog needs urgent treatment.

To prevent your Frenchie from any problem with ears, our suggestion is to use the following Ear Cleaning Powder.It releases itchiness, reduces ear hair, and disinfects the ear canal.

  • Maintain a good dental hygiene

Dogs’ teeth play an important role in their lives. That’s why we need to help them maintain healthy teeth and prevent them from collecting tartar and plaque. Chew toys made of rubber can help a lot but regular teeth brushing is also needed. Brushing your Frenchie’s teeth 3 times a week is a minimum recommendation to help remove plaque.

The following dog toothbrush is very handy especially for puppies because it will help you easier reach all teeth.


  • Don’t bathe your Frenchie too often

It’s undeniable fact that we all want our dogs to smell like flowers, however, things in real life will never become like that. Every dog excretes the skin oils that make its coat shiny and smooth. At the same time, those oils are the main reason for a well-known dog scent. Therefore, to get rid of the bad smell on your French bulldog’s coat, we suggest you use the following dry cleaning foam. Speaking generally, Frenchies should get baths once a month or every second month. This rule depends on your dog’s lifestyle too.

When choosing a French bulldog shampoo, it’s important to buy the one for sensitive skin. Frenchies can be prone to allergies and they shouldn’t use baby shampoos. To prepare your pooch for bathing, pour the warm water over his coat until it thoroughly gets wet and gently massage the shampoo into his coat.

Avoid pouring the shampoo on his head and cleaning around his ears, mouth, and eyes.

Rinse the shampoo with warm water, and absorb the water from his coat with a towel. We don’t recommend you using hair dyers because they can only dry out the skin.

French bulldog grooming demands don’t need to become your and your dog’s nightmare. By gradually including each routine into your dog’s life, you’ll induce a positive association with these basic routines that affect the quality of the dog’s life and his health.